Jan 10 - 16, 2005



"A country that hopes to run the call centers of the world could not call its own people. Faxes were sent between government departments, but still no warning was given to the public. Finally the tsunami struck, with devastating effect."

(Indian Newspapers reacting over government and Indian meteorological department)

"Islamic militancy is the result of years of brainwashing and the policies of military dictators and one isolated man cannot succeed, Musharraf's decision will increase militancy and hatred against the Army as Islamic militants also have political support."

(Former Human Rights Commission of Pakistan chairman Asma Jehangir adding that Musharraf's broken promises would increase Islamic militancy)

"Indian citizenship at last for Pakistani 900 Sindhis."

(Newspapers reported the government decision adding that they have been living in Gujarat for over two decades. But like second-class citizens, the 900-odd Pakistani Sindhis who gradually trickled into India after 1965 and 1971 wars between the two countries cannot cast their vote or even visit a neighbouring town without informing the police)

"I think the resistance is bigger than the US military in Iraq. I think the resistance is more than 200,000 active fighters and sympathizers."

(Iraqi intelligence service Director-General Mohammad Abdullah Shahwani said in an interview)

"My father told me to go Devinya to the orphanage house."

(10-year-old Devinya, was all she could say, sitting sadly at a new orphanage in the south Indian town of Sikkal, after her mother was washed away by the tsunami that ravaged southern Asia)

"Dacoits robbed Rs 50,000 meant for victims of tsunami."

(Father Oscar Rozario Mazagaon of the St Anne's Church in south Mumbai talking to police adding that robbers entered a church over New Year's night and decamped with about Rs 50,000 in cash, which was donated by the parishioners for a fund for the victims of tsunami disaster in south India)

"We are now wiser from the experience. We will be able to plan (better warning systems) for the future. The first priority was to rebuild the infrastructure in the tsunami affected regions of south India."

(Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh said after inaugurating the 92nd session of the Indian Science Congress)

"The outpouring of American aid and humanitarian help in the region devastated by the tsunami may also help Muslim nations see the United States in a better light. What it does in the Muslim world, the rest of the world is giving an opportunity to see American generosity, American values in action, America is not an anti-Islamic nation. America is a diverse society. We respect all religions, Muslim countries see the wide range of US aid and involvement around the world."



(US Secretary of State Colin Powell said after meeting with Hassan Wirayuda, his Indonesian counterpart)

"Mobile Phone Jammers should be installed in all jails."

(Supreme Court of India asked Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd and Reliance to inform it by next as soon as possible as to how this facility could be installed in Central jails, for preventing "highly influential persons from misusing mobiles)

"We haven't stumbled on any weaponisation activities, although we are trying to visit the different sites, including military sites of Iran, we visited a couple of them in the past and we are going to visit Parchin in the next few days or weeks."

(Mohammad AlBaradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) commented after getting permission from Iran to inspect its nuclear weapons, adding that he was working out the details of the visit with Iran)

"People who are opposing the elections in Iraq, are from two factions. They are either radicals who are opposed to Iraq because of the presence of what they regard as unbelievers. There is no way of getting through to these people or having any form of dialogue with them. The second sect is a faction of illiterate, unemployed people who just want resistance. We can communicate with them and have dialogue with them if we postpone the elections."

(Adnan Pachachi a leading member of Iraq's Governing Council)