Dec 27, 2004 - Jan 02, 2005 
ISSUE # 52  

The economic growth achieved by Pakistan during last three years was generally supported by external resources and the government policies of developing better relations with the United States as well as Western world. It is the friendly foreign policy of the government which helped the export regime of the country to perform well. In the backdrop of this scenario, it is vitally important that in the economic interest of the country, the in-house political problems should be resolved within the four walls in the larger interest of the country.



Chief Ministers of all the four provinces who met last Monday in Islamabad on the invitation of Punjab Chief Minister, Ch. Pervez Ilahi to resolve the conflicting issues like NFC and new dams agreed that construction of one or two big dams should start immediately in view of the growing shortage of irrigation water and consequent threat to the agriculture potential in the country. The technical committee which is in session in Islamabad will decide as to which dam, Kalabagh, Bhasha or Satgra should be taken first.

The prices of crude oil may have come down from its 23-year high of last month but if any one thinks that it will go down to 25 or 25 dollars a barrel level he/she is dreaming. There are forecast that it can touch 100 dollars a barrel in next five years. This forecast is based on fact that consumption is on constant rise and demand may outstrip supply. Production cannot be increased at a pace the demand is increasing. On top of this fears of disruption in supplies are growing.