Dec 20 - Dec 26, 2004  
ISSUE # 51  

The country not only lacks adequate healthcare facilities but prices of even life saving drugs are sky high. Sale of spurious and counterfeit medicines is adding to the miseries. The reputed manufacturers are not responsible for this. The poor state of affairs is because the watchdogs are either sleeping or keeping their eyes closed. It is also the responsibility to see that the industry grows on sound footing to cater to the needs of people and also to face the onslaught of new world order.



The business of 'Picnic Farms' in and around Karachi is now on top among local investors. Businessmen from various sectors, including marriage halls, catering service are rapidly shifting their business into 'Picnic Farms' due to its increasing demand for recreation purposes. There are many supporting reasons behind mushrooming picnic farms from half acre to 28 acres, basic factor behind the business is non-availability of parks and natural spots in the densely populated city.

Though Pakistan has yet to explore its untapped energy resources to the real potentials, yet the vibrant energy sector still holds the leading position at the stock markets in Pakistan. Besides strong oil and gas marketing companies, the power generation sector is another factor which is likely to reinforce the domination of the energy sector for capital formation through stock market.