Dec 13 - 19, 2004





"He is alive but more than that, where he is, no, it'll be just a guess and it won't have much basis," Yes, if you mean we don't know, from that point of view, we don't know where he is."

(Musharraf said in an interview with Washington Post)

"I think if negotiations between Iran and the Europeans fail and Iran resumes its enrichment programme, there is a real risk of increased tension and at least a serious consideration in Washington of using military force."

(A key adviser to the government of former US President Bill Clinton has warned that America is considering using military force against Iran)

"We would be proud to have our sisters joining all areas of public work but the reason behind them not being able to participate in the forthcoming election was that time was short."

(Prince Mansour of Saudi Arabia, replying to a question by writer Badriya Al Bishr on women participating in future elections)

"We have broken the back of Al Qaeda in Pakistan they are on the run, their command and control structure is broken. There ought to be no reason for any doubts that Pakistan has won, is winning the battle against extremism and terrorism within its own area."

(Musharraf said at a joint news conference with Blair)

"Azadi does not mean independence, it means we want to be masters of our own fate. People want the independence to be able to live life with dignity and honour, that is azadi, they want the freedom to choose their own future. The majority of the people feel that even after 57 years they are not free. They've always been dictated by New Delhi."



(Mirwaiz Omar Farooq commenting over Pak-India talks)

"Children in Palestine have been excessively victimized by Israeli forces. Child detainees are denied minimum standards for juvenile justice," about one billion children are malnourished or lack one or more services such as healthcare, education or shelter. Half of war victims are children. The majority of HIV carriers are youngsters aged between 15 and 20."

(A Unicef report released in Dubai)

"The Iraqi people have a shining record in fighting foreign exploitation and occupation and have proved that they won't accept foreign domination,"

(An Irani official, was quoted by the official Islamic Republic News Agency as saying)

"The 2003 war exacerbated the threats to health posed by the damage inflicted by previous wars, tyranny and sanctions. It not only created the conditions for further health decline, but also damaged the ability of Iraqi society to reverse it, immediate action is needed to halt this health disaster."

(Medact, a British-based charity report, that examines the impact of war on health)

"Terrorists were deviant thinkers who declared others kafirs (unbelievers) and had nothing to do with Islam. The ministry did not ban any of the preachers working with it from carrying out their work in any part of the kingdom."

(The Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs)

"Syria expressed its readiness to start direct negotiations with Israel without conditions,"

(Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's spokesman, Maged Abdul Fattah disclosed)

"Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf wants to meet Indian leaders face to face to seek a settlement on the core dispute of Kashmir, as talks between foreign ministers have gone nowhere. You get an invitation for me tomorrow, I will be there."

(An Indian magazine reported)

"The US President should call in whoever he thinks is necessary and do whatever he can to get this bill through, this bill will pass. The question is whether it will pass now or after a second attack."

(Former New Jersey Governor Thomas H. Kean, a Republican who headed the commission created by Congress to investigate the events leading up to the terrorist attacks in 2001)

"Bush is facing tough opposition, but at the same time he's talking to a country that has a vested interest in maintaining a relationship that works. And Paul Martin's situation is very clear in that respect: He needs to do business with George Bush for the next four years."

(Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin)