Dec 13 - Dec 19, 2004  
ISSUE # 50  

Gas consumption was estimated around 0.95 trillion cubic feet which is bound to take a quantum jump in a couple of years especially with the major consuming sectors like power generation and transportation are shifting at a much faster rate over to gas fired system. It is estimated that demand for gas would be doubled which is feared to outpace the supply side. Under this given circumstance, the situation calls for serious steps to go ahead with the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline the only option to cover the growing need of the gas in the country.



The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), during the last week, took two major initiatives to promote and improve corporate governance and introduce new voluntary pension system in the country. The two measures announced will go a long way in creating awareness of good corporate governance and expanding capital market activities. The proposed voluntary Pension Rules 2004 allow private sector companies to set up pension funds and insurance companies to issue annuity plans.



The buoyancy of Pakistan's capital is becoming evident with the passage of time. Improving corporate earnings and the GoP's 'Privatization for People' strategy has resulted in persistent improvement in the KSE-100 index. However, the same old question is being asked, is this a sustainable level? Keeping in view the strength of the market, achieving 6,000 level does not look a remote possibility