Dec 06 - Dec 12, 2004  
ISSUE # 49  

Whatever general insurance business is generated in Pakistan bulk of it is involuntary. As against this life and health insurance is voluntary. Keeping in view Pakistan's total population, the percentage of people enjoying such coverage is extremely low. The small size of pie can only be attributed to lack of awareness about the benefits one can draw from obtaining the cover. A lot more needs to be done by the players.





The wheat policy of the government came under heavy fire on the opening day of the 18th session of the Senate in Islamabad last week opposition as well as the ruling party grilled the government for massive wheat import order worth million of dollars to meet domestic demand for wheat. The senators said that they were feeling ashmed that Pakistan being an agrarian country was importing wheat about $ 200 million in the current year.

The increased capacity utilization, increased sales, enhanced exports, reduced production cost due to conversion from oil to coal and reduction in taxes and duties altogether have resulted in handsome profits to almost all the 24 cement units operating in the country. As a result of these positive signs, it is predicted that the cement sector is going to lead the rally during next 5-6 years at the stock markets of the country.