Nov 29 - Dec 05, 2004  
ISSUE # 48  

The huge investment being made by the commercial banks in technology has ushered a new era of convenience and improved quality of service. While it may be said that a lot has been achieved and lot more remains to be done and at a much faster pace. The initiative is being fully supported by the regulators, though very cautiously. Unless e-commerce becomes a norm, it will be difficult for Pakistan to maintain its share in the global markets. There may be certain apprehensions about the security of funds but the problem is that issue should not distract the attention.



The latest decision of the Government of Pakistan expanding its positive list of importable items from India by another 81 categories of goods will further boost the trade between India and Pakistan as it already increased significantly during the past one year because of improved relations between the two countries.

The issue of Kalabagh dam has arrived at a critical juncture as the present government seems to determine to go for the project with a view to protect the winter crops in Pakistan. The climatic change in the Northern areas has slowed snow melting due to drop in temperature on permanent basis. It is pleaded that construction of dams is necessary to save the flood water of the monsoon which helps maintain sustainable water supply for irrigation purposes during winters.