Nov 15 - 28, 2004





"Pakistan feared that John Kerry's victory would result in greater scrutiny of its nuclear programme as well as pressure for democracy and human rights."

(Information Minister of Pakistan Shaikh Rashid Ahmed in Karachi)

"Musharraf proved that Pakistan, its people share Afghanistan's happiness welfare and reconstruction."

(Hamid Karzai on Pervez Musharraf's recent visit to Afghanistan)

"I would like to warn Pakistani optimists against expecting smooth sail in Pakistan's future relation with Washington. The future does not necessarily have to be a mirror of the past."

(Hasan Askari Rizvi a top ranking Pakistani political commentator talking to Gulf News)

"A modern Pakistan would be an inspiration, otherwise the danger of fanaticism ignorance could grow."

(Benazir Bhutto in a party statement)

"There is nothing to stop the Kashmiri separatists travelling to Pakistan and India was also willing to talk to all separatists."

(Indian Home Minister Shivrag Patil during his visit to occupied Kashmir)

"Several foreigners including 19 Fillipinos terminated by their employers in Iraq as there was a strong security threat."

(Gulf News quoting news agencies)

"I eat a little wild plants and leaves for survival once a day but sometimes I do not eat anything."

(A 70-year-old citizen Noorul Islam from devastating flood hit part of Bangladesh)

"To respect the holy religion of Islam, we are ready to be kept hostages instead of the three foreign nationals until the demands of the kidnappers are met."

(Four Afghan Journalists offering to swap places with three UN workers captured by Taliban)

"Taliban detainees are being shifted to Cuba."

(Mullah Sabir Momin one of several men claiming to speak for the Jaish-e-Muslimeen)



"Veerappan a jungle fox foiled every attempt of capturing him."

(Priya discloses who worked as a police agent to bring Asia's notorious outlaw out of jungle)

"European Union wants to develop dialogue and cooperation with India in all areas."

(Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter after signing an MoU with India)

"Please you are standing in Pakistan."

(Indian Home Minister, Shivraj Patil was told by the Border Security Force officials during a visit, he walked up to the point when photographers scrambled ahead for a good shot of minister and 'border pillar 919)

"We will raid hundreds of wedding parties in Lahore after Eid to implement the court order against lavish dinner service."

(A senior police officer of Punjab while talking to newsmen)

"They are trying to bury Yasir Arafat alive."

(Yasir Arafat's spouse Suha Arafat blaming his (Yasir Arafat's) deputies on television)

"The fishermen of Badin have started facing great problems because the Law Enforcement agencies have secured contracts for themselves and disposed them of their traditional source of living."

(A call attention notice jointly moved by the opposition led by PPP's Farhatullah Babar, in the national assembly of Pakistan)

"Our policies against terrorism have not failed."

(Maj. Gen. Shaukat Sultan addressing senior journalists and editors)

"We want justice."

(2,000 people in 'Handwara' Jammu and Kashmir shouted the above slogans when Indian army raped a 10-year-old girl and her mother during a search in their house. Police have registered a case against army men and policemen)

"If Delhi allows us to visit Pakistan ahead of the third round of talks, it will push the peace process forward."

(Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, a separatist leader while welcoming the Indian announcement of allowing him to visit Pakistan)

"When the President completes her six-year term, she would like to leave behind a nation where the average Fillipino enjoys reliable power and clean water at reasonable cost."

(Philippines Presidential Palace spokesman denying the allegations that country is still in crisis)

"Tigers, lions and other animals in China have to go without chicken during next three months in order to prevent deadly bird flu."

(Chinese News Agency Xinhua reported adding that some 51 tigers were culled and 32 died in Thailand's Zoo after eating infected raw chicken last year)