Nov 15 - Nov 28, 2004  
ISSUE # 46 & 47  

The interest of the private sector is growing in the aviation business with the growth of the economy in Pakistan. Currently three private sector airlines i.e. Aero Asia, Shaheen Air and AirBlue, operating in Pakistan besides PIA. The induction of new aircraft by each of them in their fleet is an indication that air travelling business was on the move along with the growth of the economy. The aviation analysts were of the view that if the even playing field were provided to the private sector, it may emerge as a dominating factor in the aviation business in Pakistan.



In view of the serious problems arising out of water shortage in the country, the government has set up National Water Council to resolve differences amongst the provinces and ensure equitable distribution of available water for irrigation purposes.

The telecommunication sector is currently undergoing a transitory phase driven by the new regulatory environment, privatization and corporate restructuring. After the wireless local loop (WLL) frequency auction, Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) is now preparing itself for awarding 108 licenses to local loop operators (LLO) in all 14 regions.