Nov 08 - 14, 2004





"He (Dr. Qadeer Khan) is psychologically disturbed and is suffering from mental torture ... he is also reported to have had a mild heart attack."

(Disclosed Mohammed Ikram Chaudhry advocate after filing a petition for the release of A. Q. Khan)

"Ms Benazir is ready to formulate an exit strategy for the military."

(PPP information secretary Taj Haider said while rejecting the report of any secret talks with the Government)

"Indian forces killed 66,000 freedom fighters mostly civilian."

(Ashok Bhan the State's Additional Director General of police explained over the disputed number of killings in Jammu and Kashmir)

"We all have come to the conclusion to accept the results of election for the sake of the nation's interest despite the existence of fraud."

(Younus Qanooni a runner up in Afghanistan's first presidential election said)

"America will get the President it deserves, but unfortunately so will the rest of the world."

(Gulf News quoting BBC Internet News Service)

"Bush proved himself as a fighter against international terrorism, so it's not surprising that US citizens voted for him."

(Mukhibullo Dodojonov Head of the Tajikistan's election commission)

"Build new nuclear power plants and allow storage of nuclear waste in Nevada Yucca Mountain and support European efforts to get Iran to back away from developing nuclear weapons before bringing the matter to the UN Security Council."

(Two out of 17 goals fixed by Bush during his second tenure)

"The world has many problems that without any doubt can be solved better if the cooperation between the Europeans and the Americans is as close as possible."

(EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana said in a two-day summit in Brussels)

"You cannot fight a global threat locally. If we don't give higher priority to international cooperation we will not win the fight against terrorism."

(A top French investigator revealed)

"We are at a high alert."

(said John Bunn commander of the anti-terrorism branch of London's Metropolitan police force)

"You lie, kids die, Blair."

(Several banners with the above slogans forced the UK government to decide to ban permanent protest in the parliament square)

"I don't see any circumstances in which military action would be justified against Iran."



(British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw told BBC)

"It is important for us to break the powerful caste system if we have to prosper since our efforts to play caste based politics in the state has failed."

(A central BJP leader said in New Delhi)

"Musharraf has taken a big risk."

(Former Indian Prime Minister V. P. Singh briefed new Kashmir formula to demilitarization of some of the regions of Kashmir on both sides)

"Apart from constructing skyscrapers, Arab investors should also put their money into scientific and technological projects being developed by Arab scientists."

(Suggests Dr. Abdullah Al Najjar, President of Arab Science and Technology Foundation and Director of Research Center University of Sharjah)

"I am planning to file a case, how come lizard biryani served to me during flight from Bangalore to New Delhi."

(An Indian passenger Ashok Sharma warned the Jet Airways when a two-inch lizard came to be cooked and served to him)

"There is a realization in India and in Pakistan that war is not an option, definitely not an option for either India or Pakistan. It is too dangerous."

(Pakistan Foreign Secretary Riaz Khokhar explained)

"Delhi tried to forcibly deport Muslims."

(Bangladeshi officials reacting over Indian authorities attempt of unsuccessfully forcing hundreds of Muslims to cross the frontier)

"It was the last wish of my father to be buried at Raiwind, and that wish will be honored. My father loved Lahore, and our duty to him is to ensure he can be buried as he wished."

(PML 'N' President Mian Shahbaz Sharif desired)

"The resolution of the dispute will be in the interest of peace and development of the region and all the parties concerned."

(Said President General Pervez Musharraf on Kashmir)