Nov 01 - 07, 2004





"Global security threats, corporate scandals and the September 11 attacks in the US have forced US companies to take a serious look at handwriting in the conjunction with the traditional approaches-resumes, background check and job interviews- to finding the right people for the job. Hand writing analysis is probably the best nondiscriminatory assessment measure. You don't have to know a person's origin, gender or age."

(Sheila Kurts, a US hand writing expert)

"I am totally allergic to the opinion that the Line of Control be made a border; I have never spoken like this before to anyone. I will request you to debate on new options on Kashmir."

(Gen. Pervez Musharraf while floating Kashmir formula before journalists)

"The US President is stupid and a danger to the world. This US administration is the worst in the American history."

(Jibril Rajoub, Palestinian President Yasser Arafat's national security advisor during an interview with Gulf News)

"The young generation in New Delhi is under pollution threat."

(National Cancer Institute of India)

"It is difficult to forestall the bird flue outbreak in Pakistan as migratory birds during upcoming winter pose high risk to the Pakistani birds. Every chance is there and the poultry industry is at risk."

(Minister of Food and Agriculture Raja Rafaqat Hussain)

"Pakistan is a large country it is a country of strategic importance its opinions are respected in the world. We are not hankering for Kashmiri territory. It is not simply a question of territorial gains but is a matter of justice."

(Pakistani Foreign Minister Kasuri in Kuala Lumpur)

"Pakistanis greeted this holy month of Ramazan with Gun totting security guards, body searchers of worshipers, and a ban on the parking vehicles near mosques."

(Gulf News on law and order situation in Pakistan)

"Hamid Karzai is a great diplomat. He lived in exile in Pakistan during the 1980's Soviet occupation and the Taliban 1996-2001 regime, he lived outside many years then came back and fought jihad."

(One of Karzai's key aide Khaleeq Ahmed)

"Buddhist monks were forced under shower and disrobed at the Canadian High Commission in Colombo against anthrax threat when talcum powder appeared from a passport which the monk had placed to prevent silverfish attacking his passport."

(Colombo police after closing the Canadian embassy for anthrax threat)

"120 home made bombs in a burial ground in the eastern Jakarta were defused just before terrorist acts."



(Indonesian police after recovering huge explosive from Jakarta)

"The cell phone industry is working to build phones capable of receiving high-definition television signals. That will allow wireless mobile phone handsets to receive hundreds of channels."

(The New York Times on technology development)

"This might be my last hours. Please help me. Please, the British people, ask Mr. Blair to take the troops out of Iraq."

(Margaret Hassan, the kidnapped British aid worker who spent 30 years helping deliver food and medicine in Iraq while begging Prime Minister Tony Blair with a heart-wrenching appeal not to send troops to Baghdad because this might be her last hours)

"I had gone along with a group of 10 dancers and some musicians to the Gulf in May on a three-month contract for stage shows there. But since the shows did not run well, the organizer and the hotel manager tried to force us into prostitution."

(Suman Mandal an Indian bar girl after getting freedom from the clutches of human smugglers. There are around 75,000 bar girls in Mumbai and all of them complain of harassment)

"Beware of London: how to avoid being robbed."

(Tourists flying into London are being shown a video which demonstrates valuable tips for remaining safe from high level crimes and violence)

"The CIA has secretly moved prisoners out of Iraq in the last six months which is a clear violation of the Geneva Conventions."

(Washington Post quoting a senior official)

"The USA could attack Europe's network of global positioning satellites if it was used by a hostile power such as China."

(The Business weekly quoting AFP)