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Oct 25 - 31, 2004





Prompt customer service and support has become indispensable for today's business and holds the most important and dominant position in a customer centric organization. Progressive businesses are paying special attention to align their customer service with their business model in order to retain customers and achieve growth.

In the financial services sector where most organizations are offering similar products and services, banks and financial services companies are trying to differentiate from competition through providing immediate services and high quality customer care services. The rationale is that with prompt customer care and personalized services, customer satisfaction can be increased and this in turn will create stronger customer relationship and loyalty.

It is also a fact that the traditional model of limited banking hours has almost disappeared. Today, customers expect banking services to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The customers prefer to deal with a bank that provides more services and more accessibility. Therefore, for cash transactions, banks are offering ATM services that are located at all over the place. These cash dispensing machines are increasingly being connected with national and international networks so the ATM card from any bank can work on any ATM, irrespective of which bank owns the machine.

Similarly, for non-cash transactions, customers expect the bank to offer telephone banking facility through which customer can call the bank at any time and from anywhere to get instant services and information access account information, request changes, order additional services and get information on a wide range of topics. As a result, an increasing number of banks are establishing Telephone Banking Call centers that can provide high quality personalized services on a 24 x 7 basis.

A Telephone Banking Call Center, however, can provide the desired results only when proper tools and capabilities are installed. These tools and capabilities help the bank monitor the quality of service, the level of customer satisfaction, time-savings and increased efficiency through automation and cost-reduction through increased productivity and process streamlining. A properly equipped Telephone Banking Call Center can also help a bank in projecting a positive image in the market, support launch of new products and augment various promotional schemes.




ZRG International is well-known in the region as a telecom solutions expert organization specializing in the next generation call center technology. Due to its focused vision, an innovative track record and in-depth technical expertise, ZRG has become a well recognized and acknowledged market leader in the Telephone Banking Call Center Solutions market in Pakistan. ZRG holds the largest market share in the next generation Telephone Banking call center market where 9 out of 14 banks with Phone Banking centers are using ZRG call center solutions.


ZRG Telephone Banking call center solutions offer a highly flexible approach, total integration capabilities and advanced technical features set unmatched by any other local or international player in the market. As a result, ZRG's call center solutions have become a preferred choice for banks seeking to setup a flexible and cost effective Telephone Banking Call Centers.

ZRG Telephone Banking Call Center offers a powerful set of features and advanced capabilities that bring instant value and cost-savings to its client organization. With ZRG's Telephone Banking Call Center solutions, banking customers all around the nation can call in at a single number where they can get information, account balance, information about new products, activate their debit/credit cards, branch banking, member services, automated self-service and call transfer to agents. Here are some of key features and services of ZRG Telephone Banking Call Center solution:

•Flexible and Dynamic Voice menus for navigation
•Support for multi accounts and sub accounts
•Access through customer relationship number, TPIN protection
•Balance inquiry and Account statements
•Cheque book request, Change of PIN code
•Currency exchange rates

In addition to the above, ZRG Telephone Banking Call Center solution offers a host of other features and services such as Open new accounts, Fixed term deposits, Transfer of funds between accounts, Cheque clearing status, Rupee Traveler Cheque facility, ATM card related information and services module, Credit card member services module, Utility bill payment module, Mobile Banking and support for any type of customized services that our customer require.

ZRG call center solution also includes powerful tools and applications for the call center managers and supervisors to monitor and analyze call center status, service quality and agent performance. ZRG Telephone Banking call center solution provides comprehensive reporting for the management to analyze and monitor the customer service standards and performance at the call center. Some of the key features of MIS reporting include User activity (number of calls, services used), System log (startup and shutdown report, host access activity), CLI Trace report and over 200 reporting options as well as log data export option.