Oct 18 - 24, 2004




"In fact the HIV virus is created by a western scientist for biological warfare. US black people are dying more than any other people in this planet, some people say that AIDS came from the monkeys and I doubt that because we have living with moneys since time others say it was a curse from God but I say is a tool designed in the west by some evil-minded scientists."

(The first African Nobel Peace price winner woman Kenyan Ecologist Wangari Maathai claimed in Nairobi)

"Today's elections are not legitimate elections. We are not part of today's elections. We want elections to be re-held as soon as possible in a fair, transparent manner and without interference. Any government that comes to power as result of today's election has no credibility, no validity and is illegitimate for us."

(15 out of 18 candidates of Afghan president elections declared)

"The irony is that misinformation emanating from outside the region finds its way to out own newspapers and television channels. The damage sometimes is serious. Misunderstandings multiply. Rumors take precedence over accuracy. Opinions are paraded as facts. Damages control becomes a semi-permanent activity."

(Indian Foreign Minister K. Natwar Singh said while inaugurating a two day regional conference on Inter-State Conflicts in South Asia)

"We do not need any certificate of good performance. Genuine recognition, yes, because we have done so much. We have waged this war in out supreme national interest. The border between Pakistan and Afghanistan must be free from terrorism."

(Pakistani foreign office spokesman Masood Khan clarified)

"Mysterious wire under Bush's Jacket."

(A mysterious bulge under US President George W. Bush's suit jacket during his first debate with Democratic rival John Kerry made headlines of US based newspapers)

"Coming up to Ramazan and based on intelligence that we have, the potential is there for increased threats against multi-national forces all across the Iraq."

(US embassy in Baghdad feared)

"The thing that we've got going in Iraq that's every good is the fact that we've got a steady. Growing number of security forces because the Iraqi security forces have been growing at a good clip. By the time we get to the elections we may have another 40,000 Iraqi trained and equipped."

(Rumsfeld said aboard USS John F. Kennedy while on the way to Iraq on unannounced or secret visit)

"Let me mourn my husband's death."

(The Thai widow British hostage Ken Bigley, who was beheaded by militants in Iraq, asked the media to understand how she feels and to help her by leaving her to mourn with her family in the privacy of her own home)

"I think President Bush is in my view, if may say so, the most dangerous man in the power today. There is a threat not only for the people of the United States but if he is elected, I feel it would be a threat for the world and would unfortunately put us in a position where we will be confronting the possibility of a Third World War."


(The first wife of Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger remarked while opening an international conference on abolishing the death penalty in Montreal)

"Apart from the normal risks AIDS can also be transmitted if one is a drug addict."

(University students in Dubai said)

"Insurance is business not a charity. In many occasions clients tend to cheat."

(Insurance firms in UAE while commenting over new decision of the government to protect rights of policy holders)

"I am sorry, am being forced to commit such a crime because of circumstances, not with an intention to amass wealth."

(This is the sorry note from a thief who looted seven small shops in Bhubanswar (India). He also requested the shopkeepers not to report the matter to the police)

"Hold negotiations with Asian Development Bank, and chalk out a program for Karachi's renovation."

(Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz instructed Sindh Government last week while chairing a high level meeting in Governor House)