Oct 11 - 17, 2004




"It is humanitarian disaster; a crime is being perpetrated against civilians by the Israeli occupation forces, violating the fourth Geneva Convention."

(Palestinian Foreign Minister Nabil Shaath said while hitting out at the Israeli incursion, calling it state terrorism)

"All men are equal but not all culture; I can not accept a culture (Islam) where women are put in position of inferiority because they have to cover up their bodies."

(Belgian Interior Minister Patrick Dewael said while condemning the culture which forces women to cover up their bodies)

"We are getting to a more dangerous time in Afghanistan."

(A spokesman for the 18,000-strong US-led military coalition commenting over Taliban's threat to disrupt the Afghan elections)

"Pakistan had extended cooperation to the International atomic Energy Agency and would continue to do so; however, access to Dr. A. Q. Khan is not possible."

(International Atomic Energy Agency Director General told BBC last week)

"Most watched program since 1992 in USA."

(62.4 million US citizens watched the Bush-Kerry debate during election campaign which was declared by NMR department of US as highest watched program)

"Merciless political attacks on Jemima Goldsmith."

(Former cricketer Imran Khan said there were merciless political attacks on his ex-wife Jemima 30, which broke her sprit. And divorce took place when she thought it was a never ending struggle. He further told Hello magazine, it was nonsense to suggest he was hurt by her romance with Grant soon after their divorce in June)

"Indian teachers play truant for 23 years."

(Regional and international media published stories of unbelievable disclosure with the above headlines. Entire staff of RMH School in India used to attend school only twice a year on days of national importance. The scam came to light after 23 years during a surprise inspection)

"I was stunned when doctors recovered a bullet after 59 years from my knee which went into my knee during world war two."


(Ralph Heine, 86 a French World War II veteran said when doctors recovered a bullet from his knee and placed before him)

"You have to eat cow dung as punishment so you will never laugh at me again."

(These were the words of an Indian teacher who forced his pupil to eat cow dung as punishment. It is claimed that teacher was sleeping during which he fell from the chair and the victim pupil who eat cow dung laughed. The teacher was suspended)

"Why there should be any protest rally? Why should the residents complain? We never complained about the establishment of Catholic Church in the southern Philippine."

(Muslim community in southern Philippine area "Greenhills" said while defended for setting up a mosque in the business area)

"It is a dream came true for me. We the journalists from both sides of the border were writing about each other without having proper knowledge of ground realities. And such trips will help us in removing the misunderstandings."

(Pakistani Journalist Rehana Hakeem of a Karachi-based magazine remarked in occupied Kashmir during a visit to Jammu Kashmir of 16-member Pakistani journalists)

"The explosions are an answer to Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi's offer for a ceasefire."

(Rebels of Assam and Nagaland said pressing their demands to the government)

"Our ties with India really do need to be updated."

(New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clerk commented before her visit to India after 20 years)

"The US is monitoring New Delhi's nuclear technology export very aggressively and we have raised these concerns at very senior levels with Indians every time we met with them."

(A senior US official said while expressing concerns about charges of involvement of two Indian scientists for providing nuclear technology to Iran in 2000)

"650,000 Afghan voters in Pakistan."

(UN organization for migration reported after registering the Afghan voters in different parts of Pakistan, the figure include 27 percent female voters)