Karachi which is known as mini-Pakistan has started giving an absolutely different look


Oct 04 - 10, 2004





As a metropolitan city alongwith social, economic and industrial hub of Pakistan, Karachi continues to attain the height where it has come at par with other mega cosmopolitan societies and has reached the level where it is about to join the club of the emerging modern cities around the globe.

Karachi which is known as mini-Pakistan has started giving an absolutely different look with the fast emerging high rises, wide and clean roads, attractive traffic intersections, over-head bridges and flyovers. In fact the entire city is virtually being rebuilt on the modern lines.

A preliminary look at the ongoing projects gives a feeling to the onlookers that Karachi will have the most attractive infrastructure in conformity to the other modern and industrial cities of the world within next two years, which would induce a home-like comforts to the foreign investors besides giving a sense of pride to the local investors.

The year 2003 and 2004 can be described as a historic chapter in Karachi's history during which over 156 huge projects of economic significance including Mass Transit Program, flyovers, bridges, elevated and underpass roads, water supply schemes, sewerage system, bypass and highways were launched.

"President General Pervez Musharraf is taking his personal interest in the development projects of Karachi," said Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui, EDO City District Government Karachi, (CDGK) while talking to PAGE.

He said that one can foresee the future of Karachi in the shadows of the coming events. These worthwhile efforts for rebuilding infrastructure for the neglected Karachi also comprised of more than 24 small and medium dams being developed in the suburbs of Karachi with the financial and technical assistance of the World Bank (WB) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

"No stone was left unturned to make the dream of a modern Karachi into a reality. Apart from WB, ADB, the multi-national companies doing business in Karachi were also approached to assist the city government in carrying out Ta'ameer-e-Karachi Program, Annual Development Plan and Drought Emergency Relief Assistance Program (DERAP) successfully. The government entities which are spending billions of rupees and extending assistance of their professional skill to accomplish the task are including Pakistan Steel Mills (PASMIC), Port Qasim Authority (PQA), Export Promotion Zone Authority (EPZA), Pakistan International Airlines, (PIA), National Logistic Cell (NLC), Military Land and Cantonment Boards (MLCB), Sindh Industrial Trade Estate (SITE), Pakistan Railway (PR), Karachi Port Trust (KPT), Defense Housing Authority (DHA), State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Muslim Commercial Bank, (MCB), Ministry of Works, Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) and National Highway Authority.



On top of that, the CDGK has first time in the history of Karachi, awarded a Master Plan of Karachi project to a world class consultants group.

The master plan will meet all the requirements of growing population till 2030. For this purpose, the CDGK has established a separate department which is operating in close association of the highly professional consultants. Among these pre-qualified consultants 27 are of world repute, 44 "A" category contractors qualified for the projects.

Following are the ongoing projects under Ta'ameer-e-Karachi Program which would give new blood to the Karachi's infrastructure. FTC flyover at Shahra-e-Faisal is being constructed with the cost of Rs. 109.41 million and 94% work has been completed. Another flyover being constructed at the Shahra-e-Faisal to Shahra-e-Quaideen with the cost of Rs. 109.67 million and 52% work has been completed. Tenders have been invited for the construction of a biggest ever flyover at Sohrab Goth with the cost of Rs. 413.24 million. Moreover tenders for PIDC Bridge have been opened and are under scrutiny for the widening of the bridge. Tenders have been invited for FTC underpass. Hawksbay Road from Grex village to Nazim Office Gubaput is being constructed and widened with the cost of Rs. 21.26 million. Within a week or so tenders would be awarded for Karsaz flyover at the main Shahra-e-Faisal. Mauripur Road, Allama Rashid, Turabi Road, Nazimabad Road from Dawood Chowrangi to Gulberg Chowrangi, Malir and Landhi are also being constructed with the cost of Rs. 48.00 million. Shahra-e-Orangi which connects the larges residential township of the Asia to the center of city is also being constructed with the cost of Rs. 173.00 million Nishtar, "Road 5000" in Surjani Town, Jahangir Road, Siddique Wahab Road, Rashid Minhas Road, Korangi Road are being constructed and improved within the city with the cost of Rs. 960.060 million.

One of the most important flyover connecting the hub of business center I. I. Chundrigar Road to Molvi Tameezuddin Khan Road PIDC is also underway. Whereas a projet of a signal free flyover from Metropole intersection to FTC flyover has been awarded to the AA Associate for designing.

Designing process is now on final touches of overpass/underpass PIDC intersection on Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road. There are 19 other flyovers in Malir, Orangi Township, Mahmoodabad, Chanesar Goth.

There are 723 more schemes from 18 Union councils of roads, water management, sewerage and treatment plants. These projects will cost Rs. 10710.080 million.

SITE union council has proposed 46 projects, Shah Faisal town has 19, Saddar Town 21, Orangi Town 24, North Nazimabad 28, Malir 24, North Karachi 61, Lyari 89, Liaquatabad 16, Landhi 89, Korangi 61, Keamari 85, Jamshed Town 31, Gulberg 33, Gadap 7, Bin Qasim 18 and Baldia Township 62.