Oct 04 - 10, 2004





Favoring employee lights his soul
If there is light in the soul, there will be beauty in the person.
If there is beauty in the person, there will be harmony in the house.
If there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the nation.
If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.

—Chinese proverb

Employees. They are the face, the smile, and the heart of a company. Employees bring a mission statement to life. They are the stewards of a company's ethics. They are the vessels for its values.

'Employee is the king' a new concept emerging these days, before it there was a concept of 'customer is the king'. The advocates of this new concept believe that in order to make our customer happy it is essential to make our employee happy first. Employees are the people who make the customer happy. They are the people who know in and out of the organization and of the customer. One of the reasons of failure of many government organizations and private companies in Pakistan is that they give more attention on systems and other assets in the organization rather than on human asset (employees). We must know that 'there is always a man behind the gun'. So man (employee) is important not the systems in the organization.

This article will communicate the clear message that employees are important and the values they bring to the company are important for its success. The article will discuss the ways that can be use to let the employees feel as the king in the organization. The article will discuss all these things in Pakistani perspective. It also includes the survey, which I have conducted in 51 companies of Pakistan in order to know that, how the companies in Pakistan are treating and caring their employees. At the end I will be discussing about the cost of losing good employees.

Following can be the different ways to let your employees to feel as the king in the organization.


To keep your employees happy, it may help to think of them in a new way — as volunteers who elect to work for you. When you think of the employees as volunteers it will help you see the company through their eyes. You can shape the company's environment to keep them challenged, energized and eager to come to work. If you use the volunteer analogy, you often find your employees may be attached to the work itself. Thus, as a manager, it pays to make the work challenging and exciting.


Offering ownership in the business can be another attractive method to make your employees fell as the king. When we share the profit sharing, employees see the business as theirs. They treat assets with more respect. As a result productivity and quality improve. Employees with a stake in the business often generate innovative ideas that otherwise might not be considered. When we offer ownership to the employees they treat every asset of the company as their own.

One of the reasons in Pakistan employees are not satisfy or dedicated to their work is that in Pakistan mostly the organizations does not offer ownership in the business to their employees. According to our survey only 7% companies are offering ownership in the business (stock option) to their employees.




A pat on the back is the cheapest and the most powerful perk to motivate your employees and let your employee feel as the king in the organization. An "Employee of the Month" program, complete with a meaningful award and corresponding recognition, can be excellent positive reinforcement. A pat on the back can work in two ways on the one hand it can save dollar amount and on the other hand it can be an effective way to keep your employee as the king in the organization.

According to the survey out of ten motivating factors a pat on the back is the second most motivating factor of employees as 28 % managers favor this.


Periodic luncheons promote amity and offer a chance to celebrate the special events like birthdays, engagements accompanies might consider a "wellness reimbursement" - a set annual dollar amount that employees can spend on anything related to their "mental, physical, or spiritual well being." Covering the cost of a fun outing can more than pay off in improved employee attitude and group spirit. Take employees to a picnic or to a musical show. You'll be surprised how much fun these outings can be. Just making the offer to workers and their families can be a valued perk.


Respect each individual's personality and individuality and, at the same time, try to maintain and improve work conditions and establish various personnel and employment systems through which that individual can be materially and spiritually fulfilled.

Respect the rights of every employee, and will not discriminate in regard to working conditions, speech or conduct, because of sex, age, nationality, race, ethnic origin, religion, social status or physical handicap.

In our survey we asked the companies about what motivates their employees the most, and in which we gave them ten options, 25% responded that self-respect given to employees is the most motivating factor.


In many of the organization in Pakistan the managers may think that they don't have time to do all these things in order to make their employee feel as the king. But the result is very appalling. The companies are unable to motivate and retain good performaner employees. When they are unable to retain the employees then consider the time and costs required to recruit, interview, hire, assess, train, and integrate new employees to replace the ones who have left. Hard costs include advertising, search firms, travel, entertainment, interviewing, and relocation expenses. Other costs include time spent on interviewing, selecting, orientation, and training; the work that is put on hold while this is done; and the effects on productivity, morale, and customer satisfaction. Unseen costs include the benefits to the competitor of hiring the lost employee and the possible influence of this employee on other employees (to leave). In addition, new hires tend to demand 15 to 35 percent more in pay than the employees they replace. High-tech workers, professionals, and managers cost twice as much as other employees to replace.


Employees are the corner stone of the organization. Success or failure of the organization deepened on the employees. The main objective of all the companies is to satisfy the customer, which is not possible unless your employees are satisfied. If you want your customers be satisfy you must satisfy your employees first. In order to make your employees happy and satisfy you must let them feel as the king in the organization. If we let our employees feel as king in the organization there is no way that the government organizations and private companies in Pakistan could not success.