Oct 04 - 10, 2004





"I SINCERELY BELIEVE that today is an historic day and we have made a new beginning and I feel confident that despite the difficulties on the way, I and President Musharraf will together work and succeed in writing a new chapter in the history of our two countries."

(Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced after an hour one-to-one meeting with President General Pervez Musharraf in USA)

"THE TWO LEADERS 'Manmohan Singh and General Pervez Musharraf' also addressed the issue of JAMMU AND KASHMIR and agreed that possible options for a peaceful, negotiated settlement of the issue should be explored in a sincere spirit and purposeful manner."

(A historic joint statement document of India and Pakistan issued in USA last week, pointed and emphasized after an hour long one-to-one meeting of Pakistani President and Indian Prime Minister)

"AAP NAY MERA DIL MOH LIYA (you have won over my heart)," said Singh. "I was only checking who got better marks in mathematics," said Musharraf.

(Indian Prime Minister and Pakistani President exchanged these two sentences in USA during the announcement of historic document, when Gen. Pervez Musharraf presented Mr. Singh a painting of his native village in Pakistan, an album of his childhood friends and a report card from the village school where Mr. Singh had studied before migrating to India after partition)

"MANY PEOPLE do not think of their 'WILL' at all, or until they are 'OLD AGE'. Everyone should make a 'WILL' whatever, whoever and wherever you are, particularly if you are an expatriate living in another country, to ensure that the people you love and who depend on you are well cared for after your death."



(Zarina A. Baig, a UAE-based legal consultant practicing law for 20 years, suggested during an interview with Gulf News)

"THE TRAVEL ADVISORY being issued to the American businessmen was discouraging them from visiting Pakistan, although the situation in Pakistan was almost safe and secure and normal condition prevailed. The unfounded scare of insecurity and bad law and order situation in Pakistan raised by the American Media was restricting visit by American businessmen to Pakistan needed to be removed urgently."

(The members of FPCCI complained to Mr. Michael L. McGee, Commercial Counsellor of the US Commercial Service, in a meeting held last week in Karachi)

"THERE WERE OTHER STEPS that I know he (Musharraf) will be taking in the days and months ahead. We are in the closest touch with him and talk to him on a regular basis."

(US Secretary of State Colin Powell disclosed while talking to reporters in New York)

"WE ARE STANDING UP ON OUR OWN FEET, with strong defence and fast expanding economy. We will scale new heights of development we will be able to play a leading role in the Muslim World and an important role in the world affairs, I have no doubt about this, but we must strive to take our destiny in our hands."

(General Pervez Musharraf said while addressing a gathering of Pakistanis living in the Netherlands during his recent visit)

"ONE SHOULD DO A psychological study of Dr. A. Q. Khan to determine why he was involved in nuclear proliferation, though personally he thought that the man he called 'a hero' did so for personal reasons."

(Pervez Musharraf suggested while addressing Pakistani community in Italy)

"PAKISTAN decides to privatize Haj services."

(National daily newspapers disclosed the government plan with the above headlines quoting senior officials of Religious Affair Ministry)


(Expressed Italian President after meeting with Pakistan President.