Oct 04 - 10, 2004





LAEEQ AHMED is currently posted as a Provincial Secretary Sindh Local Government Board, (SLGB) with the task of overall management of City District Governments all over Sindh. His task is important in a manner that newly-emerged city government in the province need a comprehensive support by the government in order to establish them with deep strong roots. His selections for various postings clearly indicate that Laeeq is creative, result-oriented, and dynamic and has a unique merit for the post. Laeeq was hardly 24 and had just finished his Civil Services Training when he was picked up by the top authorities of the country for job at Chief Executive Secretariat of General Pervez Musharraf in Islamabad in 1999, when Pakistan was in the most crucial phase in its history. Laeeq was assigned the jobs pertaining to administration, banking and regulation wing. He was once again picked up for an important role in a very important newly-created institution of the interior ministry, National Aliens Registration Authority (NARA) which was created to deal with illegal immigrants and he was sent to NARA's Head Quarter in Karachi where authorities wanted a leak proof system for the registration of illegal immigrants. He played the vital role in that and created a basic structure for the country. Later some important jobs were waiting for him in the Home Department Sindh and he was posted as Deputy Secretary (police) where he was assigned the jobs of police reforms, establishment of Public Safety Commission and Police Complaint Authority. Laeeq Ahmed was born in Karachi in 1970, completed education from Karachi including education from Institute of Cost and Management Accountant of Pakistan (ICMAP) from Karachi before going Lahore for training of Civil Services Training.

PAGE: Would you like to share the reasons for your selections on key posts?

LAEEQ AHMED: Everyone can be a choosy one, if he gives the best results in the worst situation and possible resources. I often see a tendency of giving justifications of not having resources but in fact that is a failure of officer. Here in this department of Local Government there is just need of talent. "I don't find dearth of resources".

PAGE: How do you elaborate the worst situation?

LAEEQ AHMED: Unfavorable officers, black sheeps, and corrupt official make bad situation for a smooth implementation of law already defined in constitution.

PAGE: How do you feel when you find corrupt people whom you have work with?

LAEEQ AHMED: I feel pity about them, they need sympathy, because they are their own worst enemy. Corrupt and black sheeps even don't know what they are doing for their own future. This is the tragedy with them if they knew what would the ultimate result they'll face, they must not have been doing what they are. At the same time, I don't spare them, I block them from all the corners so that injuries to the nation by their hands should be minimized.

PAGE: Would you please tell more about it.

LAEEQ AHMED: Backbiting is a bad thing in both point of views, religiously and morally, but I exposed them with a very proper method like to the appropriate people many corrupt people have been beautifully exposed. Sometime results are visible after short time and some come out after long time. However this is not my responsibility to fix the results timing but I do my job and they are doing their jobs. In NARA, when I was setting up a mechanism of a leak proof registration for illegal immigrant, I faced unforgettable pressure and hurdles by the corrupt people. NARA was a gold mine for corrupt once. They used every method, even those methods were used which only are used by extreme psychological patients. But I did not give up and gave the required results to federal government which were needed.



PAGE: What is your goal?

LAEEQ AHMED: The goal of life is directly related to the ultimate goal of a Muslim, as every body knows that for being a good professional, one has to be a good human being otherwise there would be cracks in foundation. "No one can achieve the goal in his life even if he gets what he struggles for."

PAGE: Would you please tell us about district governments in Sindh province?

LAEEQ AHMED: This is very successful plan, once again I would say that there is a lot resources all over the province. We need to utilize them in proper manners. We will get the best results and I hope that time would come when there would be impossible for any one to shake the City District Government system. Now people have started playing their role even those who are not elected and are just voters. The pace of work by the City District Governments is going faster ever day, this I have noted during daily works in my office. Yes, the condition can not be changed overnight but time would come that every citizen would feel power in his hand.