Oct 04 - Oct 10, 2004  
ISSUE # 40  

After LPG and CNG, the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) yet another alternative cheaper fuel and may also add the energy scenario in Pakistan. Asia Petroleum Limited has moved a proposal to import LNG under a private/foreign joint venture plan, which envisages setting up LNG terminal at Gadani Beach. This project would help transfer of technology in the LNG segment of the energy regime, claims APL.



Ibrahim Fibres had expressed its intention to double its PSF production capacity. Since this announcement, two major changes have taken place. Ibrahim Group acquired management control of Allied Bank of Pakistan and prices of cotton started going down. The story reviews the opportunities and the pitfalls. However, it is certain that the country needs to add capacity to meet the ever growing demand for PSF by the textile industry.

The State Bank of Pakistan has issued the circular regarding amendments in the revaluation of banks' investment portfolios. The Bank has stepped in as a savior to bring the banks out of the bond market bloodbath. These amendments are expected to bode well for banks as it would prevent them from reporting losses on their balance sheets. However, banks would have to make a strategic decision regarding which investments would have to be classified under held to maturity.