Book: HRM/HRD:Personnel Management, Author: Prof. Dr. Khawaja Amjad Saeed, Edition: 2004, Price: Rs. 150, Pages: 208, Publishedby: Institute of Business Management, GPO Box No. 1164, Lahore

Sep 27 - Oct 03, 2004





Prof. Dr. Khawaja Amjad Saeed has been contributing in an enriched manner by writing books, teaching, research, consulting, community, social service at home and abroad. His working life spans to over 47 years in a meritorious manner.

He spent seven years in practical field work in Colony Group of Industries and handled corporate affairs. Later, he worked with the biggest and the best firm of practicing Chartered Accountants namely, A. F. Ferguson and Co. and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in December 1965 attempt. Later for one year, he served as a managerial executive in a multi-national company specializing in exports. In 1965, he was the first Chartered Accountant in teaching and joined the University of the Punjab where he rose to the highest position as Acting Vice Chancellor having gone through the drill of serving as a Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Dean, Faulty of Art and Pro-vice Chancellor. He is the founder of the second Business School in Pakistan namely, Institute of Business Administration, University of the Punjab, Lahore. After his retirement in 1996, he served as Strategic Management Consultant to Colombo Plan, Colombo, Sri Lanka and by now has a work exposure of over100 countries of the world. He has authored over 30 books. The latest one is HRM/HRD: Personnel Management. This subject is being taught in Pakistan from American Text Books. In the West, Personnel Management Practices are highly advanced and are not oriented to Pakistani condition. Moreover, these books hardly cover topics such as labour Policies of Pakistan, Industrial Relations System in Pakistan. Moreover, there is a need to orient the readers with the message of Allah through Al-Quran relating to industrial relations.

Contents include the following:

1) Personnel Management Some Significant Issues: Knowledge Management

Human Resource Management & Development Scenario
Human Resource Management & Development
Redefined Concept of Management in Army
Changing Role from CBA to PSA
An Analysis of National Productivity
Labour Management Cooperation for Productivity
Motivation: Islamic History
Sharing Productivity Gains: A Survey of Incentive Plans Globally Practiced



2) Labour Policies in Pakistan

3) Industrial Relations Ordinance, 2002

4) Industrial Relations in an Islamic Framework

5) Cases for Analysis

Readership could include business executives, persons dealing with industrial relation matters, chief executives, students pursuing master degree courses in commerce, management, business and public administration and professional courses (Chartered/Cost & Management Accounting, Corporate/Chartered Managers, etc.).

The book covers important topics of new courses of reading prescribed by the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan and all other professional Institutes of our country. Moreover, the book also covers courses of reading for Commerce, Business and Public Administration disciplines.

It is strongly recommended that members of the civil society, students of business, commerce and related fields and serving business executives must use this book to acclimatize themselves with the current, modern and enlightened aspects of HRM/HRM. Indeed they will be great beneficiaries.

We hope that the author will continue his mission of developing literature for the benefits of the readers in future as well.