Sep 27 - Oct 03, 2004





"PAKISTAN AND INDIA desire a resolution of the Kashmir dispute, which is just and acceptable to India, Pakistan and the people of Kashmir. Dangerous wars and confrontation of previous years between two countries had demonstrated that there was no military solution to their problems."

(President Gen. Pervez Musharraf emphasized and stressed while addressing the 59th General Assembly Session where more than 100 world leaders were in attendance)

"ISRAEL SHOULD IMPOSE A SETTLEMENT FREEZE, dismantle unauthorized outposts, end daily humiliation of the Palestinian people, and avoid any action that prejudice final negotiations. And world leaders should withdraw all favour and support from any Palestinian ruler who fails his people and betrays their cause."

(US President George W. Bush asked the Israel and world leaders in his address to the 59th UN General Assembly Session)

"WE ALL WOULD LIKE TO FIND OSAMA BIN LADEN TOMORROW, but he is pretty good in remaining hidden. And he is, I think to some extend, a problem, but is quite isolated in ability to move around."

(US Secretary of State Colin Powell replied to reporters in a question that 'whether Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf would deliver Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden before US elections in November?)

"BOOKS ARE OVER as we understand them, books are more or less over. And it fills me with gloom. Literature is over and it was until only the other day."

(The Nobel-prize winning author Naipaul said blaming Cinema, TV and the council estate society for the death of literature)

"INDIA HAS NO DEARTH OF WEAPONS supply from Russia, whereas we suffered because of 'American' sanctions. We have disparity in every field, whether you talk of ships or submarines. The disparity between Pakistan and India is colossal. It is not to our linking."



(The Pakistani Naval chief Admiral Shahid Karimullah said in a press briefing in Karachi on the second day of defence exhibition IDEAS-2004)

"WE NEED TO GET RID OF THE DEFINITION OF LITERACY which says you are literate if you can sign your name, as a lot of people considered literate can't read or write."

(M. Rajan a member of Pratham, an Indian NGO criticized while commenting over Indian education policy)

"INDIA has the World's highest number of HIV-infected people."

(Richard G. A. Feachem, Executive Director of the Geneva-based Global Fund to fight AIDS claimed rejecting Indian official figure of 5.1 million)

"THE CLOCK IS NOW ticking on Iran to fully comply with the resolution and abandon its Nuclear Weapon Program or face referral to the UN Security Council."

(US Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham warned commenting over the resolution passed by the 'International Atomic Energy Agency'. The resolution called by on Iran to halt activities related to uranium enrichment process that can be used to make atomic weapons)

"WE HAVE eliminated a number of terrorist's hideouts in the region and...their operational space has been reduced to a considerable degree."

(Major General Niaz Khatak told reporters in Wana)

"THAT WOULD BE in the interest of the country's stability and solidarity if President General Pervez Musharraf retain his post as army chief in addition to his office as president beyond December 31."



(The elected Prime Minister of Pakistan Shaukat Aziz suggested while commenting over a hot issue of Gen. Pervez Musharraf's Uniform)


(Mohammad El Baradei, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency disclosed in a keynote address to the IAEA General Conference)


(A Sindh Police spokesman disclosed last week)

"WE'RE MEANT TO BE MAKING THINGS better, but we're making it worse."

Two US soldiers in Iraq were quoted in the Gulf News weekend review's cover story)