Sep 27 - Oct 03, 2004  
ISSUE # 39  

The large net worth investors may have numerous options available for investment. However, small investors, retired people and widows are on a search for an option, which can offer return higher than the prevailing inflation in the country. While some of the options may offer unparalleled return. The risk attached to such investments is also higher. However, it goes without saying that smaller investors are the worst hit due to reduction in returns on National Savings Schemes and bank deposits.




The final bidding of the KESC is schedule to take place on November 27, 2004 after that the private sector management takes over the charge of the KESC. KESC covers a huge market of over 1.8 million consumers besides a large scale of unofficial consumers. In view of the huge size of the city and the consumers, KESC should be divided into four companies prior to its privatization to avoid monopoly in power sector in Karachi.

The coming events have started casting their shadows on the sugar industry. So far the industry facing the problem of surplus and used to urge government to lift the excessive inventory to enable the millers to keep moving the wheel especially in Sindh. With the opening of new avenues like attractive international prices, more consumption in ethanol production, and reduced crop are likely to change the scenario.