Sep 20 - 26, 2004





"MY OPPONENTS SAY I AM AMERICAN'S LACKEY, but I don't have the personality of a lackey. And there is perception that we have Osama Bin Laden hidden somewhere and we will bring him out close to the American elections. We can't, we don't have any idea where Osama is."

(President Gen. Pervez Musharraf said in an interview with Time magazine)

"WE DID NOT UNDERSTAND the complexity and the danger of the process which was emerging in our country and in the entire world. We have showed weakness and the weak get beaten up."

(Russian President Vladimir Putin said while addressing his nation after a siege of a school ended with over 322 dead including several children and women)

"WE ARE A GOVERNMENT THAT is only 100 days old and in this short period of time we have the composite dialogue, what we have achieved in the time is not insignificant."

(Indian Prime Minister said in his first press conference after taking PM office)

"TURN THE PAGE OF THE PAST in this stage to open up to the future and most of all strive to bring the people and the state together."

(Lebanese President Emile Lahoud said last week)

"SECRET discussions between Pakistan and India"

(Indian media published repeated news items regarding secret meetings of Indian National Security Advisor Jyotindra Nath Dixit and his Pakistani counterpart Tariq Aziz, adding that Dixit has been given full authority by the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to probe viable solutions to end the Kashmir dispute)


(Iranian President Mohammad Khatami said last week)


(President of Pakistan Gen. Pervez Musharraf said while inaugurating Ideas-2004 defence exhibition in Karachi)

"WE ARE FINISHING THE JOB IN AFGHANISTAN, yes Osama Bin Laden is still out there, he is being chased, he is being pursued."

(US Secretary of state Colin Powell said in a statement issued by the State Department)

"OSAMA BIN LADEN AND HIS NO. 2 are still directing attacks in Afghanistan."

(A top American Commander said last week)

"SIR, I AM Sergeant Jenkins and I am reporting."

(US Army Sergeant Charles Jenkins said while surrendering himself before military base in Japan. He deserted to communist North Korea 40 years ago)



"SYRIYA must end its interference in Lebanese internal affairs, withdraw its forces from Lebanon."

(US State department spokesman said last week)


(Indian media published repeated stories under the above headline when a dreaded bandit Seema Parihar, whose name spelt terror in the jungles of Bihand for 18 years, announced to enter politics)

"JEMIMA is still in close contact with ex-husband Imran Khan."

(Gulf News tabloid reported in its recent issue, adding that last two years had been pretty hard for her, she had a baby, got divorced. And on top of that she had been looking after her children. In the end, it made her stronger)


(Time magazine reported in its current issue quoting him (Musharraf) as saying that, he was prepared to make any sacrifice for Pakistan to root out terrorism)

"THE WESTERN COUNTRIES were denying us access to their defence hi-tech jets and other products, but after Pakistan joined the international war on terrorism following 9/11, 2001, terror attacks in the US this attitude appears to be changing. Washington has indicated it will sell F-16 fighters to Pakistan."

(Pakistani Air Force Chief, Air Marshal Kaleem Sadat said on the first day of an International defence exhibition Ideas-2004 in Karachi)

"80-YEAR-OLD PAKISTANI POLITICIAN graduated to become eligible for contesting elections."

(Gulf News reported a detail story of 80-year-old Pakistani politician, Major 'retd' Aftab Ahmed Daha of Pakistan Muslim League (N) Punjab, Khanewal who could not contest last elections due to his academic qualifications)