Sep 20 - Sep 26, 2004  
ISSUE # 38  

Thar is about to bloom. It is for the first time that a comprehensive package is being evolved for the development of Thar on sound footings. The package include development of coal fields, setting up of coal-based power plants, construction of a network of roads, construction of a grid station, and laying a water pipeline to supply drinking water to the people of Thar. If these projects accomplished according to plan, the package will change course of life in Thar.




President General Pervez Musharraf has taken some timely initiatives to focus on development of Balochistan. During his two-day visit to the province last week he, besides inaugurating some new development projects, made a very generous offer that he was willing to meet all concerned to solve the problems of the province irrespective of his political cast of creed as the cause of Balochistan was as dear to him as to any body else.



The government has set a number of targets for the current financial year. Even at that time of announcement these targets were termed 'over ambitious'. There is a growing feeling that some of these have to be revised in the light of changing economic fundamentals. The targets needing re-evaluation are: GDP growth rate, inflation rate, fiscal deficit and trade deficit. One may say that the very idea or revising targets sounds completely outrageous because the first quarter is still not over.