Sep 13 - Sep 19, 2004  
ISSUE # 37  

The success of present government can be gauged from the number of transactions concluded, amount raised and the level of transparency. Some of the critics may say that a few transactions are taking longer than desired time. It is a very sweeping judgement because the critics often do not take into account the problems being faced by the government.



Karachi continues to confront the chronic problem of power shortage for the several years and was in need of additional 1000mw of power to overcome the problem. The government was working on two options as a way out to address the issue. One is to construct a direct link between HUBCO and KESC, which would ensure an additional supply of around 1200mw direct to Karachi consumers through KESC. While the other is to allow two more power plants in the private sector. The KESC-HUBCO link should have become operative by now but unfortunately due to conventionally lethargic attitude of the bureaucratic system, the project lingering on for several years.

The shortage of rain this year has proved as a blessing in disguise at least for a segment of the growers having stakes in the cash cotton crop. According to figures of cotton crop so far received it is estimated that there will be a bumper cotton crop this year. Generally, the crop assessment revolves around 10 million bales in Pakistan. The bumper cotton crop as being said by the farming sector and the government circles means that size of the crop must be over 12 million bales to justify the word of bumper crop.