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This is an age of competition. Everyone is struggling to compete with one another. Organizations are exploring new ways and means to surpass. Modern technology is being utilized to accelerate businesses. New ideas are emerging rapidly as to how to become a leader in the relative sector. There is tough competition amongst organizations. It seems as if everyone is crazy about capturing the market.

This competitive environment has forced business communities to make changes in their policies to meet the changing environment. A rapidly growing trend is to develop business by raising the excellence of behavior of individuals in organizations. They want to become more oriented towards people than they have been in the past, adhering to high ethical standards. The government is also encouraging organizations to set the highest standards in corporate ethics in serving society.

No doubt the right attitude is the key to success. With this, one gets a favourable response, develops goodwill and gains popularity. Adopting Islamic culture and tradition will enable individuals to build a great personality by raising the excellence of behavior leading to a successful life both personal and professional.


Salutation is one of the best ways to develop relationships. The Islamic custom of greeting shows that you wish other person well. This is like a magical tool to open the door of hearts. With this you can bring people closer. If you greet an unknown person repeatedly as and when you meet him, one-day you will become well known to him.

It is observed that most of the senior people in offices avoid offering greetings. They are often impatient to plunge into conversation. Ignoring the culture of salutation is one of the factors responsible for creating a gap among people. The situation calls for promoting the Islamic culture of salutation. Making it a habit to act upon it will enable you not only to enjoy good friendships but also help in removing hatred, growing love, developing working relationships and creating a good environment essential for organizations to flourish. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, "May I direct you to a way by which you will love one another, spread greetings and salutation among yourselves" (Muslim).


Every one wants to be treated well. The higher the position one holds, the greater the respect he expects from others. Unfortunately, the culture of respecting people is vanishing in our society. As a result, an environment lacking love and brotherhood is emerging rapidly.

We have links with one another in various ways. This association needs a good atmosphere to grow in. In order to maintain a good relationship, it is necessary to adhere to Islamic tradition of respecting people, giving them due consideration, regarding their wishes, maintaining; relationships and treating them according to the status they possess in society. Allama Iqbal in his poetry said, "The survival of humanity on our planet depends on the principle of respect to all humans". Respecting people is in fact respecting oneself. If you shower people with honors, you will get it in return. Of course, in this way we can make some contribution towards the growth of an atmosphere of peace, harmony and affection among the people.


It is said that the first impression is the last impression. A person with a smile on his face has a pleasant effect on others. A smiling face catches people's attention. This is a better way to get a quick reply. This helps in deciding the future course of relationship whether business or personal. According to research, a smile on one's face even during talking over a telephone leaves a pleasant effect on the listener.

Receive visitors with a smile on your face. Use a smile as a tool to get a quick response. Keep your face smiling during the course of a discussion so that the listener may pay full attention to what you are saying. It is worth mentioning that a smile on your face costs nothing but enables you to earn lots in return. This habit will also make you known as a sociable and friendly person among people.




Sometimes safety lies in keeping silent. Opening one's mouth can make and break a life. People are often found saying that they wish they had not said what they had earlier. Over speaking, asking questions repeatedly and useless conversation usually causes trouble to the speaker. Hazrat Ali (RA) said, "One who has no control over his tongue will often have to face embarrassment and discomfort".

Develop the skill of learning as to when to keep quiet. It is also important to know when to speak. Use the policy of see and wait. Always disclose the matter at the right time and the right place. Make purposeful talks otherwise maintain silence. Said the Holy Prophet (PBUH) "Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, should talk what is good or keep quiet" (Bukhari). This skill will definitely protect you from many problems arising out of speaking unnecessarily.


The tongue has magical powers. This can please or displease a person. With the proper use of it, one can turn the situation in his favour. It is a fact that a wound of the tongue injures deeper than that of the sword. Talking without thinking, careless speaking and loosing control over the tongue can hurt a person.

Focus on the ways that make your communication effective. Check that nobody gets hurt while talking. Always think before what you speak. Keep your voice low and the tongue under control. Use simple language and speak clearly with repetition of the words if needed so that the listener can understand what you are saying. Select the right words that can support your efforts to inspire the other person. Moreover call the person with the correct name, title and position he or she holds. Never hesitate to say thank you and sorry when needed. Avoid talking about something you are not sure of. Make sure that your behavior remains pleasant. All these will show your kind and caring nature to the person you are talking to. As a result he/she will feel love, respect and security. In this way you can win the hearts and minds of people.


The first thing people notice is the appearance of a person. Outward appearance reflects inner mood. Proper dress and well grooming give the person a feeling of confidence. A good-looking man or woman is usually liked and accepted well in society.

Give some thought to your style. Improve the way that you look good. A suitable hairstyle, selection of dress according to occasion, use of perfumes and hair oil and shinning shoes, all these will help to add to the grooming of your personality. If you can afford it, wear fine clothes and have elegant things as Allah is beautiful and He likes people to look beautiful.


Cleanliness being half of the faith speaks of its own importance. Cleanliness means not only to keep our body and clothes clean but also the place where we work, live and walk, things that we use. Even purity of mind and heart are counted as cleanliness of the soul.

Adhering to the principles of cleanliness enables the person to enjoy a healthy mind, which is essential for a working person to perform better. Paying no attention to cleanliness causes diseases and may lead towards losing good friends. According to Walter Kaufman what separates two people most profoundly is a different sense and degree of cleanliness.

Take a bath daily and purify yourself as much as you can. Keep every thing neat and clean. Manage things in such a way that they look nice. Besides it is also important to keep our thoughts free from corruption, clean dirt from our minds and remove fault from our hearts. Be sure to give it daily attention so that a healthy atmosphere may grow around you and you may feel a pleasant change inside you.




Life is full of challenges. Work-related pressures, dealing with people, holding talks, taking a walk, and every kind of work requires a person to demonstrate qualities that are essential to one's character and personality. A person working in a hurry gives an impression that he/she is impatient. This habit can affect not only the task but also leaves a negative impact on the personality.

Keep balance in your life, talk with confidence, walk with dignity and work calmly. Pay such attention to your style that you look like a leader, not a follower. Watch every step you take in order to ensure a consistency in your life. Apply all these tips to yourself as it will enable you to deal with situations effectively. This will also help you to create and maintain a good public image.


Patience is the ability to have self-control and keep desires and feelings under check. This plays a vital role in building a strong inner character. A person with the key of patience can achieve a lot of success in his life.

Generally everyone wants to achieve his/her target in a very short time. If the fruit of the struggles is slow in coming, he/she starts losing heart. Sometimes this situation causes the person to become frustrated and drives him out of the field. This is because of lack of patience. It is worth mentioning that each objective requires certain basic things to be done in order to achieve it. Without fulfilling the needs the target cannot be achieved. Dealing with people, running a business, making a journey and doing anything demands of a person to maintain patient. The greater the task one has the higher the patience it requires him/her to demonstrate. Hazrat Ali (RA) said, "One who adopts patience will never be deprived of success though the success may take a long time to reach him".

A person wanting to be great is required never to lose temper, always show patience, face difficulties with courage, be content, do not run after wishes and keep oneself away from doing anything considered to be bad. Behaving in this way will make your personality so strong that you will find no difficulty in facing big challenges with a smile on your face even in very tough times.


No conscious person can deny the importance of education. This gives man awareness, broadens vision of life, enables to differentiate between right and wrong, helps in forming opinions, generates individual and collective patterns of behavior in society. It is evident from history that the main factors behind the success of people have been their education.

In today's competitive world it has become essential to equip oneself with the weapons of education. Only hard work cannot lead you towards a successful life. The knowledge that is called power will help you move forward faster. People who continue their education and improve knowledge make significant progress and get more benefits than those who do not pay attention to their education. Hazrat Ali (RA) said, "A man of knowledge during his lifetime can make people obey and follow him".

Continue your studies till you reach a certain stage. Create reading habits that will enable you to keep pace with developments taking place. There are a number of sources to improve knowledge. You can make use of modern technology like the computer and television to acquire knowledge. Moreover avail the opportunity to be provided by some educational institutes like IBA and PIM that invite people to attend seminars and conferences on current issues from time to time free of charges. According to Hazrat Ali (RA), "Obtain knowledge from wherever you find because it is the lost heritage of the prophets".


Man is judged by his character. The character of a person surely makes an impression, good or bad. A person showing high moral standards is much liked in society. Virtue that considers good deeds in Islam plays a significant role in life, enables the person to receive high honors, gain popularity and achieve distinction.

There are a lot of things that are counted as virtue. Do whatever you can in favour of people. Benefit them with your words, thoughts and actions. Extend cooperation to them. Guide them to reach their destination. Answer their questions or refer them to the right person. Treat them with kindness. Try to make them happy with your character. In short, everyone has some capability to help others in different ways. Just know how well you can do this in terms of satisfying people's needs and expectations. Surely, in these ways you can approach the hearts and the souls of people and create a permanent place there.


In life everyone has to face a great deal of news be it good or bad. A message that conveys good news is favorable to the recipient because there is something pleasant. And it is also easy to send pleasant news. But if a message that may disappoint the recipient or is unfavorable in some way, the situation requires careful planning and choice of words so as to minimize its effect.

A person under fear of bad news is usually unable to produce the required results as it causes him to lose peace of mind. This also affects his growth both personal and professional and stops him from taking an action. While an expectation of good news gives courage to continue his mission with zeal and dedication in a hope to get rewards.

Always let people know good news and encourage them with something favorable to them. Avoid making such a statement that makes the recipient afraid. Gather positive points and good news to be made public. If it is inevitable to convey bad news, use tact with appropriate tone to present it. In order to convey unpleasant message, avoid starting it first, present it with some other information that may lessen its effect.


In the business world in the matter of clients, whether growth of relationship with them or increase in number, both are most important in terms of business development. This factor makes the person spare time to get in touch with clients continuously. Different ways are used to achieve this goal. One of the best ways of strengthening relationships with customers is to send them gifts. This helps in developing relationship either business or personal and creates love and affection among people.

People keep sending their clients different types of gifts like watches, pens, diaries and calendars etc. Would not it be better, if we created a culture of sending books to the customers and friends? Good books are man's best companion. This will not only serve the purpose but will also promote a reading habit in society resulting in some contribution towards enhancement of literacy in the country. Besides, this will also encourage the writers of books when they see that their books are being sold in large quantities. Books on "Shara-e-Zindagi Per Kamyabi Ka Safar" written by Mohammed Bashir Jumma and on "Sirat ur Rasool" latest by Professor Dr. M. Tahirul-Qadri are excellent to present as gifts.


Everyone has got habits be they good or bad. It is society that has a great effect on the formation of a habit. Simply repeating an activity until one gets it right makes it a habit. Thus the habit becomes a path to lead the person towards either success or failure. Generally good habits drive a person to a better way and bad ones lead to disaster. It is true that more people are denied promotions because of their negative habits.

Sometimes people try to bring about changes in their lives in order to attain comfort. They want to eliminate bad habits but they find it rather difficult to get rid of them. With introduction of a new habit one can break the bad one. For example making it a habit to go to bed early will enable one to get up early in the morning. Similarly love of worship can be helpful in getting out of the intoxication of liquor.

The first step is to have a vision and mission to motivate ourselves and have courage to implement changes. Create habits such as planning your day, managing your time, organizing your things properly and doing all your activities according to schedule. Cultivation of these habits will enable you to discharge your duties smoothly and make your life more comfortable than ever. May be one thinks that it would take a long time to create new habits. But if one wants to bring about a positive change in one's life, one has to go a long way. Like the Chinese proverb goes, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".


A secret of success to any decision lies in consultation. Consultation with experts in affairs makes sure of their success. Whether it is a matter of decision making, problem solving, implementation of new ideas and bringing about any change, all these need to be discussed with the consultant for their successful result. According to Hazrat Ali (RA), "There is no greater friend and helpmate than consultation". A consultant can provide information enabling the person to improve his/her opinions. The more you expand the circle of consultation, the lesser you will make mistakes in a decision. Said the Holy Prophet, "The opinion of two is better than one, of three is better than two and of four is better than three" (Masnad-e-Ahmed Bin Hambal).

Avoid taking any steps without consultation. Make it a habit to consult with people even in small matters. Take people into confidence by getting them involved in making decisions. Develop a skill of democratic approach. Accept differences of opinion with a broadened mind and respect others' opinions.