Sep 06 - 12, 2004










"THE RAW HAS NOW SET UP 30 to 40 terrorist training camps in Balochistan, each with training facility to 30 people who are paid Rs. 10,000 monthly, Al-Qaeda is not involved in activities in Balochistan."

(Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Mohammed Yusuf said in meet the press program of Karachi Press Club)

"I AM NOT HELPLESS, THE DAY I FEEL POWERLESS, I would not be the Chief Minister."

(Chief Minister Sindh Dr. Arbab Ghulam Rahim said in a PTV program Roobaroo)

"KITE-FLYING KILLS 460 in Lahore"

(Kite-flying Affectees Committee office bearers said while demanding a complete ban on kite-flying sport during a protest rally in front of Lahore Press Club. They said that 460 people have been killed and thousands of other injured since 1995)


(Catherine Babar acting director of Amnesty International for Asia said while demanding probe into the Indian forces illegal killing of citizens of occupied Kashmir)

"YOU WOULD BE AN IDIOT NOT TO GET THE MONEY, Advertisers, Television Stations, News Anchors everyone else is making money. Your story is a commodity."

(Monica Lewinsky former White House intern whose affair with then President Bill Clinton nearly drove him from office, said last week while defending, selling her stories to media to boost her bank balance)

"WE HOPE THAT GEN. PERVEZ MUSHARRAF WILL LEARN THE BENEFITS OF INDIAN SPIRITUAL GRU SHRI RAVI SHANKAR'S ART OF LIVING (AOL) COURSE from his daughter Alia, mother of two, who is enrolling in basic courses in Pakistan. Two ministers of his cabinet have also taken up the courses."

(Gulf News quoting Pakistan's AOL chief Naeem Zamindar reported in its Sunday edition, adding that Alia showed keen interest in Shankar's Sudarshan Kriya the technique of controlled breathing for mental and physical well-being after the religious leader's recent visit to Pakistan)


(Bangladeshi and other leading newspapers of the region published stories with the above headlines, quoting US Ambassador Harry K. Thomas with his remarks as I hope the Prime Minister Khalida Zia and the main Opposition leader Sheikh Hasina head of Awami league party will work together to ensure peace in Bangladesh)



"OUR EFFORTS HAS BEEN SECOND TO NONE, in terms of results. Nobody's record matches ours; Pakistan has handed over hundreds of Al-Qaeda and Taliban suspects to Washington since the September 11, 2001 attacks in America."

(Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesman Masood Khan said in his press briefing)

"My HUSBAND SOLD ME FOR Rs. 100,000 ONLY, he needed money to pay a recruiting agent to send him to Gulf and the buyer tried to molest her."

(A Pakistani woman Parveen, 30, said before a civil judge in southern Punjab after she escaped from the captivity of Shahid Saleem, President of the banned extremist outfit, Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP), the court ordered to arrest her husband Abdul Hameed and the purchaser Shahid Saleem)

"DESPITE THE FACT THAT 14 PAKISTANIS ARE KNOWN TO BE MISSING IN IRAQ and clear warning from the Ministry of Labour and Overseas Pakistanis against sending labour force to Iraq, people are still willing to go, given their desperation for jobs."

(Punjab-based recruitment agencies commented over government's warning adding that Middle East still remains favorable destination despite several risks)