Sep 06 - 12, 2004













GHAZALA RUBAB KHAN is currently working in Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Karachi as head of Environment Department with rich background of academic qualification and working experience. She is known in many circles and ministries as result-oriented with broad experience in all aspects of environmental and civil engineering. Whenever expert views on environmental issues are required Ghazala is contacted. She is also member of Environment Evaluation Committee of Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (S.E.P.A.). She was born in Karachi. Passed her Matriculation Examination from St Lawrence College for Women in 1979-80. She did intermediate in science group from St Joseph College Karachi in 1980-1981. BE Civil Engineering from NED University of Engineering and Technology Karachi and she did her Masters in Environmental Engineering from NED. Apart from teaching different courses and preparing examination papers in NED, she took many courses in different countries of the world. Ghazala has designed PAF museum Karachi and worked as interior decorator of Air War College PAF and Engineer Incharge of Pakistan Air Force Karachi. He lived in many countries. At present she is also working as "Principal Investigator" for Socio Economic Damage Assessment due to Tasman Spirit oil spill for the Federal Government of Pakistan. On top of all, Ghazala is very sensitive about the rights of helpless and unprivileged class of the society but her this quality is only known by a few people who possess, the capability of understanding the human nature.

PAGE: Why did you select working in Pakistan after rejecting good offers from the institutions of rich countries? You could have chosen to have a luxurious life with your husband in UAE where he is an F-16 pilot for the Royal Force.

GHAZALA RUBAB KHAN: "Why should I work in any other country? "Pakistan don't only need me but needs its every highly educated citizen." Here is an example, if parents devote their lives, money and energy for quality education for their son. When he finishes studies a king takes the son from the parents on the plea that the son would spend a luxurious live in the palace and thus the parents are deprived from the whole fruit. And than the entire fruit goes to the palace instead of poor home. The whole cream of our nation has gone into different countries after taking higher education. They give different justifications for working in rich countries but this is not justice with their motherland and the nation. The immigration rules makers of the rich countries are not foolish, they wanted to take out the cream of our country. This is being done for long and our country's present situation confirms that they succeeded. Yes, I can not force all the valuable people of our nation working in different countries to return and serve their nation but I can do it for myself at least, am doing it and would continue to work here.

PAGE: Why did you select Defense Housing Authority a privileged class housing authority? You could have worked for slum areas of the country.

GHAZALA RUBAB KHAN: This is very simple, like you need a pen to write I need a platform and a such a place from where my working could be fruitful, the subject of environment does not confined to a specific class of the society that has a vast range of effects. There is no any awareness about environment at any level in our society at all. We have to create the awareness about environment and threats of pollution and than results would automatically start coming in front of us.



PAGE: How can you say that there is no awareness at any level?

GHAZALA RUBAB KHAN: There are clear indicators on ground. We have to accept that pollution deteriorates the human beings and their brains consequently reflects illness in the society. You go to an 80-year-old slum area of Lower Gizri situated exactly in the center of top class residential part of Karachi Defense Society. Now in Lower Gizri, people do not have drinking water connections at all, they are living in completely polluted environment. There is noise pollution, there are heaps of filth and majority of them do not have proper food. On the other hand in DHA not only millionaires but thousands of billionaires are living with all luxuries. They have mineral water for drinking, they look at them daily but do not feel their pains. Isn't it the attitude of polluted minds where selfishness is visible at alarming stage?. Now this is the proof of polluted nature and attitude, which is visible in the top class of the society.

PAGE: What is your dream and goal?

GHAZALA RUBAB KHAN: As I said that awareness about environment is badly needed, especially on top level, effort on top level would bring results at every level. Here in DHA Office, the Environmental Department and subject is supported particularly by the Administrator DHA, I am working on many projects preparing research papers, chalking out plans, for the short term and long terms basis, which will not only be useful for DHA but for the whole city and country. And is an emergency need of looking into deteriorating environmental situation keeping in mind that healthy environment produce healthy nation.