Aug 30 - Sep 05, 2004





"I AM OF THE FIRM BELIEF THAT THE SUPREME SACRIFICES OF KASHMIRIS will not go waste and the issue will be resolved according to the will of Kashmiri people."

(Prime Minister of Pakistan Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain said in his address to the nation)

"THE INDIAN leaders should change their mindset and adjust to realities. Lets take talks to logical end and should not muddy waters before a meeting of foreign minister of the two countries"

(Pakistan said while reacting over the Indian identical allegation of so-called infiltration in occupied Kashmir)

"WE HAVE best relations with Iran as well as Pakistan"

(Afghan President Hamid Karzai said while departing his country from Pakistan)

"THE SENATE OF PAKISTAN condemns the action of the occupying forces in Najaf and called upon them to restrain their action on holy shrines"

(A unanimously passed resolution by the Senate of Pakistan said)

"KASHMIR IS THE ONLY issue between Pakistan and India, and the threat of war with India will remain as long as the issue of Kashmir is not resolved"

(Pakistani Information Minister Shaikh Rashid Ahmed made these comments in a speech to thousands of people in Azad Kashmir)

"60 LAWMAKERS OF INDIA have to resign otherwise they will have to face social boycott for making a law for Indian Armed Forces allowing them to raid any place any time and arrest anyone without any warrant on the suspicious of rebels"

(Manipur State of India echoed by this demand and threat after a 32-year-old Manorama Devi picked up by Indian Soldiers and her bullet riddle body was found on road two day later)



"THE INDIAN GOVERNMENT failed to solve the perennial problems of flood and when victims demand relief they are showered with bullets by cops."

(A communist party leader of India said on strike day, which was observed against killing of two protesting villagers in flood hit-Bihar)

"Musharraf is an unquestionable ally and we need to stay engaged with Pakistan."

(US lawmakers and members of the 9/11 commission said last week)

"A WHITE elephant in Pakistan"

(Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Tanveer Hussain Syed said that Karachi Shipyard has become a white elephant of the country)

"TONY BLAIR has misled this country time and time again. It is our duty as members of parliament (MPs) to hold the prime minister to account and restore the people's faith in the democratic process."

(Adam Price, a Welsh nationalist member of parliament, unveiled a 99-page report entitled "A Case to Answer" which charged Blair with lying about Iraqi weapons to justify war, and set out the legal case for impeachment)

"I've seen twin attached by the head or stomach but never a baby with two heads, Sometimes one head cries, while the other sleeps."

(A female doctor at the Ghaem Hospital in the northwestern city of Mashhad said when an Afghan woman gave birth in Iran to twin boys whose two heads share the one body)

"I know your day of freedom is very near, Insist on your rights and demand your freedom peacefully ... Let the voice of reason and compassion stand up again."

(Arun Ghandi the grandson of slain Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi said while urging Palestinians to rise up peacefully to demand an end to Israeli occupation)

"What is taking place in the holy city and Iraq in general is a provocation to the Muslims' feelings around the world."

(Sheikh Ali Salman, an opposition leader and spokesman for the organizers, said Shiite leaders were prepared to march in a peaceful protest to Najaf to end the bloodbath that continued for more than three weeks if Ayatollah Sistani called upon them to join him)

"THERE WAS A MISCALCULATION of what the condition would be in post war Iraq."

(New York Times quoting George W. Bush in an interview last during is election campaign said)