Aug 30 - Sep 05, 2004



For the third consecutive year was again the most visited stall of the ITCN Asia 2004 at Expo Center. Amongst the visitors were Governor Sindh Dr. Ishrat-ul Ibad, Federal Minister for Privatization, Dr. Abdul Hafiz Shaikh, Chief of Naval Staff Shahid Karimullah, IT Ministers from Punjab and Balochistan, Governor State Bank Dr. Ishrat Hussain, Chairman KPT, Vice Admiral Ahmed Hayat, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication, Speaker & Deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly, Governor Balochistan, Council General of Qatar & other dignitaries. While addressing the visitors, renowned Islamic Scholar & the founder of the website Babar R. Chaudhry said "Prophet Muhammad 



(PBUH)  is 'Khatim-un-Nabeen' and there will be no prophet after him so as an umatti it is the duty of every Muslim to present the true spirit of Islam to the world by virtue of his character".


Reflecting its pioneering work in digital storage. LG Electronics has launched a new line of USB flash memory drives.

The slick device has a stylish metallic exterior and is extremely compact, measuring six centimeters by two centimeters and weighing only a few grams. The USB drive facilitates high speed data transfer and will soon be available in the Middle East.

The 'Plug and Play' method ensures the device is user friendly. Information can be extracted or transferred securely by inserting the memory stick into the USB slot on a device. Data transfer onto the USB drive is facilitated just like the data transfer process between a floppy disk and the hard drive of a PC. Information stored on the USB can be erased, thus allowing virtually unlimited usage.


Recently Madagascar Minister of Trade, Industry and Private Sector Development, Mr. Olivier Andrianarison Sahobisoa called on Federal Minister for Commerce, Mr. Humayun Akhtar Khan. Secretary Commerce, Mr. Tasneem Noorani also attended the meeting.

The visiting Minister discussed the possibility of entering into technical collaboration with Pakistan especially in agriculture and import of machinery equipment like sugar plant, cement plant, etc. Mr. Sahobisoa requested that Pakistani might donate 10,000 to 15,000 tonnes of Irri-6 rice to give a relief to the people of Madagascar and after two months the Government of Madagascar could also purchase Irri-6 rice up to 200,000 tonnes. Mr. Humayun assured him that the Government of Pakistan would consider the request and take necessary action in this respect.




Kodak, the world's leading photo imaging brand with a global presence in more than 100 countries and a worldwide market share of more than 60 percent ranks as the top-of-the mind-share photography brand amongst Asian consumers.

Synovate (Research Company) released results of the first annual Top 1,000 Brands of Asia survey, conducted for Asian Integrated Media, the organizers of the Super brands awards and publications. According to the survey, Japanese brands dominate the top ten with Sony on top, Nokia as second and American brand Kodak ranks third.

The study published in the latest issue of Brand Portfolio was conducted across nine major product and service categories financial services, automotive, consumer electronics, luxury goods, services, personal quality goods, alcohol other personal products and consumer goods. The 'best' brand was defined in questioning as 'the brand that you trust the most or the one that has the best reputation in the category.'

Around 500 people aged 15-64 were interviewed in each country, whereas 750 in China across three cities.