Aug 23 - 29, 2004





"I PROMISE TO THE NATION, I promise to myself and I promise to the sacred soil of Pakistan that I will not disappoint you."

(Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf said on 57th Independence Day)

"I WANTED AN END TO THE ABUSE OF ABU GHARIB PRISON. Therefore I anonymously reported to military police unit, it was moral thing more than anything that I was taught about rules of war. The prisoners lacked food, water and clothing. Some detainees opted to remain naked rather than wear burlap-like jumpsuits or female underwear provided by coalition provisional Authority."

(One of the heroes to emerge out of the Abu Gharib prison scandal Sgt. Joseph Darby said during testimony)

"A FULL TWO-THIRD OF BANGLADESH IS NOW UNDER WATER, the catastrophic flood the worst in the history has killed 1,500 people, disrupted the lives of 63 million, 1.2 million homes have been washed away region-wide and released a disease epidemic and what ever we do it's chicken feed."

(Relief workers in Bangladesh said last week)

"3,242 PEOPLE are killed in traffic accidents per day all over the world. One person dies after every 6 1/2 minutes on Indian roads. 600,000 dies in Asia lone and 15% of the world's traffic accidents take place in China."

(World Health Organization said in its latest report)

"AFTER IRAQ WHAT? Iran, Sudan? Can Pakistan withstand after that?"

(Hashim Abdul Halim the acting chairman of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and speaker of the West Bengal state assembly said while his brief stay in Karachi)

"THIS IS A JIHAD FOR US AND WE ARE GOING TO FIGHT TILL AMERICANS GO AWAY, they thought curfew will control us. But we are not afraid of death. Saddam's regime was bitter, we knew he was dictator but now we are ruled by a government which ignores us."

(Armed men after taking control of Baghdad's Sadr City said last week)


(Indian Superstar Sanjay Dutt said while returning from Canada where he had gone for filming his latest movie 'Dus' in the western Canadian city of Calgary where he was engulfed in a storm of controversy over media reports claiming he has past links to terrorism)

"THE NATIONALIZATION OF EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS IN 70s WAS A MISTAKE, but denationalization then would prove to be a blunder."



(City Nazim Niamatullah Khan said while criticizing denationalization of St. Joseph College for women and St. Patrick College in a press conference said)

"WEST IS AFTER SUDAN'S OIL AND GOLD, western nations, especially Britain were inflaming the Darfur fighting to destabilize Sudan, there is an agenda to seek for petrol and gold in the region."

(President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir told a press conference in Khartoum)

"BEFORE 9/11 IN SAUDI ARABIA TERRORISTS WERE RAISING MONEY AND RECRUITING AND OPERATING WITH LITTLE OPPOSITION. Today the Saudi government is taking the fight against Al Qaeda and America and the World is safer."

(US president Bush said during election campaign in New Mexico)


(Pakistani Interior Minister Faisal Saleh Hayat disclosed in Dubai)


(US warplanes dropped many bombs of 500-pound intensity last week in Iraq to kill insurgent who had only rifles and rocket-propelled grenades. A US military spokesman said adding that there were no US casualties)

"I appeal to the vast moderate majority to raise their voice against forces of darkness and obscurantism."

(President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf said on 14th August, 57th Independence Day musical function)

"HE (Musharraf) THE MAN WHO AS THE ARMY CHIEF refused to salute Vajpayee on his Lahore visit. But his visit to India helped legitimise dictatorship in our country."

(Gulf News reported on its recent issue quoting Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif's Nephew Chaudhry Abid Sher Ali from Amratsar on his first visit to India)

"DR. QADEER KHAN IS, FOR ME AND EVERYONE ELSE, A HERO OF THE NATION, he will never be mistreated or maligned in any way."

(Prime Minister of Pakistan Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain said while talking to newsmen in Lahore)