Aug 16 - 22, 2004





"US SECURITY CONTRACTED OUT TO PAKISTAN. WHY DID WE PUT our number one security threat in the hands of the Pakistanis with us playing the supporting role and put all our military resources into Iraq which was I think at best our number 5 security threat? We would never know if we could have gotten him 'Osama bin Laden' because we didn't make it top priority."

(Former US President Bill Clinton criticizing Bush administration said on CBC television)

"IF INDIAN ACTORS LIKE AMITABH BACHCHAN and Dharmendra go on TV and request not only me but the kidnappers..... to solve the story the kidnapped drivers could be released."

(An Iraqi tribal leader who is negotiating with kidnappers for the release of three Indian drivers held hostage by militants since July 21 in Iraq)

"THE MILITARY OFFICIALS CAN AFFORD TO CUT themselves off from the public but it is not easy for the elected representatives to do this".

(A Federal Minister said after security agencies advised key ministers to cut public appearance on security reasons)

"AS FAR AS TWO TOP NOTCHES 'OSAMA BIN LADEN AND HIS DEPUTY AYMAN AL ZAWAHRI' are concerned we do hope.....we are certainly in batter position today to have a better view of where Al Qaeda stands."

(Pakistani Interior Minister Faisal Saleh Hayat said while giving details of arrest of two suspects on US wanted list)

"He (Nawaz Sharif) wanted to form an inquiry commission to reveal those responsible for the Kargil operation. But he did not get the time and it was his (Musharraf) request to the father of the former prime minister that he (Musharraf) be made the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee to calm down the situation."

(Siddiqul Farooq PML (N) leader claimed in an interview with Gulf News last week)

"THE MORNING OF AUGUST, 6. 59 YEARS AGO AT 8.15 am WAS JUST ANOTHER SUMMER MORNING, but a single atomic bomb changed into a morning that humankind will never forget and now ignoring the UN and its foundation of international law, the US has resumed research to make nuclear weapons smaller and more usable."



(Hiroshima Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba made this remarks at a 59th anniversary of his city's atomic bombing by USA, attended by 40,000 people including Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and relatives of victims of the world's first atomic attack)

"AFTER A FEW MINUTES OF WATCHING THE PRISONERS CRAWL ON THEIR STOMACHS IN ABU GHARIB PRISON' low enough that their genitalia were rubbing on the floor, causing pain."

(An Army Intelligence analyst said during pretrial hearing against Lynndie England a 21 years old reservist on Thursday last who has been charged with abusing and possessing personal lewd photos)

"BUT BEFORE WE ENTER INTO SUCH A DIALOGUE INDIA will have to declare occupied Kashmir as a disputed state and withdraw the parliamentary resolution of 1995 that declared occupied Kashmir as an integral part of Indian. The newly formed freedom Jammu Kashmir Freedom Movement would draw inspiration from Islam to fight Indian rule".

(Syed Ali Geelani said while announcing a new Freedom Movement alleging other movements being driven by other ideologies including secularism, nationalism and communism)

"THE INFORMATION FROM ARREST IN PAKISTAN, TAKEN TOGETHER WITH INFORMATION gathered by the US intelligence community, indicated that Al Qaeda has chased financial targets in New York, Jew Jersey, and Washington DC, and has recently updated their targeting information this information was buttressed by other information we already had".

(Bush disclosed in his weekly radio address)

"I WANTED AN END TO THE ABUSE OF ABU GHARIB PRISON. Therefore I anonymously reported to military police unit, it was moral thing more than anything that I was taught about rules of war. The prisoners lacked food, water and clothing. Some detainees opted to remain naked rather than wear burlap-like jumpsuits or female underwear provided by coalition provisional Authority".

(One of the heroes to emerge out of the Abu Gharib prison scandal Sgt. Joseph Darby said during testimony)