Aug 16 - Aug 22, 2004  
ISSUE # 33  

Over the years business schools working in Pakistan have consolidated their position. The focus areas are redefining of curriculum, improving of faculty and above all achieving greater interaction with trade and industry. Since most of the schools are operating in the private sector, it is often felt that fees charged by them is very high. Another missing factor is scholarships for the students with outstanding performance. Since trade and industry is the biggest beneficiary of these schools it must contribute towards endowment funds and scholarships. Commercial banks should also extend interest-free loans to needy students.




After the historic response to the Initial Public Offering of the Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) shares through stock market, the divestment of government shares in Kot Addu Power Project through stock exchange will be yet another attraction for the small investors in the capital market.

The all-time high international oil prices posing a serious threat to the world economies as the adverse impact may stall the economic growth, obviously Pakistan was not an exception to the threat. Despite an unusual increase in oil prices in the world market, which touched a record high at $45 per barrel, the price level has been kept static in Pakistan for different reasons.