It would cover 19 sectors classified in 2 categories i.e the Large Scale Industry and Medium and Small Industry


Aug 09 - 15, 2004





Experts Advisory Cell (EAC) a professional organization under the Ministry of Industries and Production is busy in preparation of a 10 years Industrial Policy (2005-2015) for Pakistan and in this connection has held a series of meetings and workshops with the stakeholders through out the country.

Engineer Zahid Hussan, Chief EAC told this correspondent in exclusive interview that a draft of the policy has been prepared on the basis of inhouse research and thinking and the feedback from in-depth discussions, seminars and workshop with the industrial stakeholders and different federal and provincial ministries. The draft is being given final touches and will be submitted to the government by next month.

Highlighting the salient features of the Industrial Policy Engr. Zahid Aziz said that it would cover 19 sectors classified in 2 categories i.e. the Large Scale Industry (LSI) and Medium and Small Industry (MSA). He said that the policy will be for 10 years period (2005-2015) and would not be made in isolation. Rather, it would make efforts towards maximizing efficient employment of human, agricultural and national resources. He added that development of knowledge-intensive industries embodying commercially resilient and eco-friendly processes and technologies that are designed to achieve higher efficiencies in energy and material output would be encouraged in large scale industry sector. The efficiency, productivity and creativity of existing capital facilities will be increased by strengthening of industrial integration and linkages. He classified textile, chemical & petrochemical, knowledge and technology intensive as Sunshine Industry due to higher potentials of growth.

He combined small and medium industries in another classification and underlined importance of the growth as MSI (Medium and Small Industries) would complement and support the large scale and heavy industry. He prescribed setting up cluster in less privileged areas and rural Pakistan equipped with basic infrastructure. He included sewerage and waste water system in basic infrastructure and called for picking-up of the cost by the local governments. He also called for institutional revitalization, enlarging support canvas, WTO environment, road map 2010, foreign direct investment and export agenda in his presentation.



EAC which is manned by professionals is a proactive body and has done very useful work during the past few years. Its main responsibility is to assist Ministry of Industries and Production in policy formulation and conducting research and analysis on industrial related issues. It was assigned the task of preparing on industrial policy, after having discussion and suggestions with representatives of all industrial sectors both in public and private sector specially focusing on sectors with export potential and emphasis on training of skilled manpower to meet WTO challenges. Various government organizations specially under the Ministry of Industries and Production were giving training to the people and the proposed policy will aim at coordinating all such efforts with facilities available in the private sector.

The main industries which have been taken cases are, agriculture sector, automobile sector, bottled water sector, carpet sector, cement sector, ceramics sector, chemical sector, diary sector, edible oil sector, fertilizer sector, glass sector, information technology sector, jute sector, leather sector, mining and quarrying sector, paper and paper board sector, plastics sector, poultry sector, processed food and beverages sector, sports good sector, sugar sector, surgical instruments, synthetic fiber sector, textile sector and tobacco sector.

The EAS has conducted a thorough research on each of these sectors and compiled all relevant data past, present and its future potential problems and bottleneck and suggestions to overcome these impediments. Besides EAC have published special reports such as Pakistan Investment Guide 2003, updated 2004, Prospects of Chemical Industry in Pakistan-2003, Industrial Investment in Pakistan-2003, digest of Industrial Sectors-2003, Physical Infrastructure Pakistan-2003, Directory of Scientific and Analytical Equipments-2003, Potential of I.T Industry in Pakistan-2004, Investment Oriented Study on Minerals and Mineral Based Industries-2004 and Potential of BIO Industry in Pakistan-2004.