Aug 09 - 15, 2004















"I NEVER SAID WE WILL SEND TROOPS TO IRAQ, but I also don't say that we will never send them."

(President of Pakistan Gen. Pervez Musharraf said in an interview)


(Gen. Pervez Musharraf said while commenting over war against terrorism)

"I DON'T KNOW WHO THEY ARE, BUT WHOEVER THEY ARE, THEY ARE FROM THE PEOPLE, who have been pushing to the extreme by the exploiting forces of Pakistan. I am going to Pakistan in a couple of days, and am fully prepared for arrest. We the people of Balochistan are used to it."

(Former Chief Minister of Balochistan and leader of BNP Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal said in Dubai after the issuance of his arrest warrants)

"WE ARE VIRTUALLY STARVING, they gave us some food and water for the whole family that is sufficient for one person only."

(A woman, mother of five from flood hit region of India said while protesting over UN Food Programme)

"I WANT AN AMERICA that relies on its own ingenuity and innovation not the Saudi royal family."

(John Kerry said while emphasizing US Government to cut its dependence on the Middle East nation's oil)

"A BERLIN DRIVING INSTRUCTOR who taught driving to more than 1,000 motorists never got a driving license because he was too nervous to retake the test after he failed the first test 43 years ago."



(Police told newsmen after arresting a driving instructor after a minor traffic accident)

"IF I WIN, I WILL ADD 40,000 ACTIVE DUTY TROOPS and double number of US special forces to fight terrorism, bring more allies to share the Iraq burden and restore trust and credibility of White House and make America a respected country in the world. And will never lead US into a preemptive war, only sending troops to battle."

(US presidential candidate John F. Kerry said while promising to American nation during election campaign)

"ALL ORGANIZATIONS OPERATING IN IRAQ SHOULD hire only Iraqi drivers in an effort to stem a growing wave of kidnappings."

(A senior government official announced in Baghdad last week)

"NO MUSLIM OR ARAB STATE is willing to dispatch its forces to war-torn Iraq unless the occupying forces have to leave Iraq and let the United Nation supervise the activities of foreign forces"

(Iran's foreign ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi told press briefing)

"WE ALL FAMILY MEMBER would kill ourselves, if he is hanged."

(The family members of a 42 years old Indian man threatened when Indian President Abdul Kalam rejected the mercy appeal of Dhanaanjoy who was awarded death sentence in 1992 on charge of raping and killing a teenage girl)

"THIS IS THE DENGEROUS TIME, I wish it was not this way. Now I wish I was not the president. Who in the heck wants to be a war president?"

(US president questioned while defending terror alert given last week)

"I CATEGORICALLY DENY these Americans lies."

(Sheikh Raed Al-Qathimi, a spokesman for Sadr said in Najf commenting over death tool announced by an American commander)

"US SECURITY CONTRACTED OUT TO PAKISTAN. WHY DID WE PUT our one security threat in the hands of the Pakistanis with us playing the supporting role and put all our military resources into Iraq which was I think at best our number five security threat? We would never know if we cold have gotten him 'Osama bin Laden' because we didn't make it a priority."

(Former US President Bill Clinton criticizing Bush administration said on CBC television)

"HE SENT ENCODED E-MAILS and received encoded replies, he is a great hacker and even the US agents said he is a computer whiz."

(US official sources told last week about a latest capture of Al-Queda who was identified as Naeem Noor Khan)