Aug 02 - 08, 2004





"NO, I CAN'T SAY the world is safer today than it was two, three years ago, the world is no safer than it was three years ago"

(UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said while debunking George W. Bush's claim that he had made the world safer)

"WE WILL NEVER GIVE IN to their demands or negotiate with abductors"

(Iraq's President Sheikh Ghazi al Yawar said in reaction to the abductors who took hostage two Jordanians, two Pakistanis and an Iraqi working for a foreign contractor)


(The employers of two Jordanian hostages announced in order to spare hostages lives)

"BRITISH TROOPS COMMITTED WAR CRIMES IN IRAQ, they played cruel games with prisoners, killing civilians and beating and torturing prisoners in their custody"

(A British lawyer leading six test cases in the High Court said)

"TRUTH IS THE FOUNDATION OF OUR GLOBAL LEADERSHIP, but our credibility has been shattered and we are left increasingly isolated in the hostile world, without truth without trust America cannot flourish"

(Former US President Jimmy Carter said)

"IT WAS FOUND THAT LIQUOR WAS ADDED TO (the water) prepare rice and 'bhang' to dal (a spicy lentil dish) to make the meal for primary school students"



(An Indian officer told press after a cook in central Indian State of Chhattisghar was caught mixing spirit and marijuana into the schools lunch to keep meal tasty)

"YOU ARE THE PRIME MINISTER, do you consider the PM office as the approving authority or the one which merely needs to be taken into confidence on national issues with strategic overtures"

(Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif questioned while reacting over Pakistani Prime Minister Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain's statement that Nawaz Sharif was aware of Kargil operation)

"THE MILL OWNERS HAVE INCREASED THE SUGAR PRICES ahead of Ramazan by creating an artificial shortage of the commodity for minting money"

(A trader in Lahore said while commenting over hike in sugar price)

"WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR CONFRONTATION and we hope that we will not be pushed if we are being attacked definitely we are not going to sit silent, we will retaliate against any foreign troops"

(Sudan's Foreign Minister Mustafa Osman Esmail said during his visit to Turkey)

"MILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN ONE OF THE country's poorest states could face disease and hunger in the wake of the flooding, the threat of epidemic spread is real"



(Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said in press conference)

"I AM BRITISH, THEIR FATHER IS BRITISH and my own grandfather was British I don't understand why we had to go through all this trouble to get them here"

(The test-tube twins grandfather who took birth in India, said when UK government refused to accept them 'the test-tube twins' as British Citizens)