July 26 - Aug 01, 2004





"THERE HAS BEEN A COMMUNICATION FROM IRAQI PRIME MINISTER ALLAWI to the Government of Pakistan for sending Pakistani troops to Iraq and am sure they're considering it"

(Mr. Armitage told reporters in Islamabad)

"WE THINK A BOMB IS BIGGEST IN ITS INVENTORY OF 13,600-KG aimed at destroying deeply buried targets beyond the reach could be important in the future for targets that we can't destroy with what we now have"

(Jake Swinson of United States Air Force's Air Armaments Center at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida said last week)

"THIS IS A WRONG ORDER, THIS IS MOST SHAMEFUL, it is violation of the human rights, and virtual stripping of Pakistani visitors to the USA"

(Pakistan's Foreign Minister Mr. Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri and opposition leader Raza Rabbani said while strongly reacting over a memo issued by US department of Homeland to major airports in the country to carefully monitor all Pakistani travellers even US Citizens of Pakistani origin)

"WE ARE FAST BECOMING A SOCIETY OF HYPOCRITES and levelling false charges has become our habit and we are a double standard society"

(Prime Minister of Pakistan, Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain said while addressing fourth National Security Workshop in the Defense College)



"TELL YOUR COLLEAGUES, the mosque Imams, that we are keeping an eye on them and we know them"

(Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz said while warning mosque Imams and Khateebs of Saudi Arabia, reminding them to battle extremist ideas)

"I HAVE COME WITH A MESSAGE OF GOODWILL AND FRIENDSHIP from the Government of and people of India for the government and people of Pakistan"

(Indian External Affairs Minister, Natwar Singh said while he arrived here to attend Saarc regional conference)

"THE WAR AGAINST TERRORISM CANNOT BE WON without winning the minds and hearts of the Muslim community"

(The National Council of Pakistani Americans commenting over US policy against terrorism)

"THE FIRST THING I WILL DO is to buy some gold for my wife and I will not give up working as a tailor"

(A Bangladeshi tailor said after winning AED 500,000 lottery in UAE)

"PAKISTAN BOUGHT missile technology from North Korea"

(Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto said while talking to a Japanese newspaper)

"I SAY ON OATH THAT NAWAZ SHARIF was fully aware of Kargil operation and the Chief of the Army Staff had six meetings with him in which I was also present, I know dates and times of these meetings"

(Pakistani Prime Minister, Chaudhry Shujaat told reporters in his Lahore residence)

"WORK AT THE US LEADING NUCLEAR WEAPONS LABORATORY CAME TO HALT after its nuclear secrets in two computer storage disks were reported missing"

(Laboratory spokesman)

"IT IS NORMAL THAT FIVE OR SIX people may have crossed the Iranian border within couple of months without our knowledge, our borders are long and it is not possible to fully control them"

(Iranian Foreign Minister said while dismissing US fabrications that Tehran may have facilitated 9/11 attackers)

"WE HAVE STOPPED THE TERRORIST ACTS of Al Qaeda, if we had not done so we would have had security problems" (Iran's Intelligence Minister Ali Yunessi)




(Lahore High Court Judge Justice Khwaja Mohammad Sharif said while commenting over increasing love marriage cases)"