The most important job, which has been neglected during last three decades, is the plantation in the entire SITE Zone


July 19 - 25, 2004





The Sindh Industrial Trade Estate (SITE) needs an immediate Master Plan considering a sharp vertical growth, which started with the induction of latest technologies in various trade sectors.

About 4460 acre industrial land which had only two dozen industrial units at the time of partition in 1947 now has nearly 2,600 industries. The vertical growth in SITE area started about ten years ago, at present there is vertical construction up to six floors at more than 400 plots where single industrial unit existed. A master plan can accommodate 10,000 more industrial units in the existing land otherwise unplanned growth would create multiple serious problems apart from an ugly look to the SITE which would not be only environmental threat to thousands of its workers but would also have a heap of multiple critical crisis.

SITE is going to be a mini Karachi and as another small city of Sindh Province within next 15 or 20 years.

Gravity of the important issue reflects by the fact that out of 2,600 only 912 industries are members of the SITE Association and only 24 applications for the membership are pending with the Association. Others do not come up to join the Association due to lack of interest.

Although, there is a government body SITE Limited and another industrialists body SITE Association but an hour drive in the largest Trade Estate of the country contradicts existing of any such body. It gives a depressive look due to prolonged negligence of both industrial and SITE limit. Some of the industrialists said that this issue would also become important issues when WTO comes into force.

Vertical expansion has gone on top in the textile sector as number of textile industries have gone to more than 550 which were only at 25 two decades ago. More than 810 industrial units of various types have emerged. Data compiled by SITE Limited and SITE Association are now 250 Allied Textile industries while more than 300 engineering units have been set up during last 10 years. Details of the other industrial units are as under: Oil and soap 20, Silk 140, Food Stuff 35, Chemicals 65, Plastic 75, Commercial 100, Optical 1, Pharmaceutical 40, Glass 10, paints 30, tannery 10 and Garment 80.

The industrialists said that data compiled by SITE limited and SITE Association does not cover the following type of industrial units which exist in the industrial zone that are: Agriculture pesticides, Aluminum wares, Foils, sheets strips, Audio Video Cassettes, Carpet and rug, Marble, Ceramics, perfume, Beverage and bottling, printing, Electric and electronic assembling nits, Flour Mills, Gas and Electric appliances, heavy vehicles assembling units, Leather industries, paper production units, Paint and Varnish, printing Ink, Rubber products, Thermopole molding, Vegetable Oil, Wood and plywood doors.



There is no hospital in the SITE area expect Valika Hospital which is now run by Sindh Employees Social Security Institution (SESSI). This hospital was actually constructed by SITE Association 30 years ago but was taken by the Provincial Labour Ministry and given under SESSI. Since than no major hospital has been constructed or planned so far despite the fact that industrial activities have increased since 1975. There were some dispensaries also in the SITE run by SESSI, these were: Bawany Dispensary, Haroon Dispensary, Labour Square Dispensary and Shershah Dispensary. In these dispensaries secured workers and their dependents were given medical treatment in two shifts but now dispensaries activities have come to nearly an end.

Human resources experts said that there is immediate need of an officers colony, Labour Colonies (apart from a labour Square Complex constructed in 1975, hospital, ambulance service, Post Offices, more Bank Branches, restaurants, at least one four star hotel, another telephone exchange, parks, a separate public transport system within Industrial Zone, and a shopping center.

Above all a new water distribution and drainage system is a must for the SITE as the existing pipelines and sewerage system cannot sustain the required pressure even if water is available.

The most important job, which has been neglected during last three decades is the plantation in the entire SITE Zone. Some new investors said that apart from only few industrialists and multinationals companies all the industrialists, SITE Limited and SITE Association criminally ignored the beautification and plantation job. If the job had started ten years ago when the then Governor of Sindh Moinuddin Hyder had strongly criticized industrialists for not beautifying the SITE area. He had urged with the words that industrialists should keep their factories and industries like they keep their homes green. But industrialists kept arising their voice over demands and problems but the most important thing which was and is in their hand was just ignored and that constantly giving negative impact on the laborers. An NGO working on environmental issues said in its report that over 60 Km long roads and streets in SITE area are the worst in looking which is creating health problems among workers as the roads are full of dirt, solid waste, garbage burning at every second corner, and without any plant and green belt. There is also a need of training institute to produce skilled labour and an employment exchange where both employees and employers could be benefited.