July 19 - 25, 2004





SHOAIB AHMED SIDDIQUI, Executive District Officer (EDO) Works and Services, is passionately associated with Ta'meer-e-Karachi program of the City District Government Karachi (CDGK). Having a rich professional background to his distinguished career, Shoaib was selected for the challenging task by the provincial and Federal governments who sought President Gen. Pervez Musharraf's instructions to assign him the challenging assignment. Carrying a senior position in grade-19, Shoaib has worked at various key positions. Currently, he is the In-charge of Planning, Designing, approval and execution of Infrastructure, Development, Health Education, Housing Environmental and Social Sector Schemes for Karachi, which is the commercial and Industrial hub of Pakistan. He joined as Assistant Commissioner in Islamabad in April 1986. Shoaib had responsibilities for Overall Management of Sub Division, Law and Order, Labor relations and Legal Duties and Field Works. He was selected by the high ups as "one of the best officers" with inherited capacity to deal with the challenging tasks. During his highly challenging career, he served as the District Magistrate and Deputy Commissioner (South). Among different professional responsibilities he served as the Deputy Commissioner Karachi (East) Deputy Commissioner Karachi (Central), Additional Secretary Education Government of Sindh, Executive District Officer (EDO) Finance and Planning in CDGK, Director Protocol Government of Sindh where he also served protocol duties with President of Pakistan, Prime Minister, Governors and chief Minister and acted as host of Government of Sindh. Director Land Management KDA, Director Marketing Public Housing Scheme KDA, Director Octroi KMC, Senior Director Land and Estate KMC, Director Administration KMC Deputy Secretary, Food and Cooperation Government of Sindh, Project Director Ministry of Local Government and Circle Regi. Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui did his Masters in Social Sciences and Development Administration from the University of Birmingham UK. He also did LL.B. (Law) and LL.M from Karachi University.

PAGE: What made you more important than other officers for key posts?

SHOAIB AHMED SIDDIQUI: There is nothing special in me. I just worked and keep working with only one thing in mind that I am answerable to the All Mighty Allah. It is not I alone; everyone will be questioned about the use of capabilities, powers, intelligence and responsibilities given by the Allah. This sort of feeling gives me strength and courage to work boldly. I never hesitate putting right things before superior's who-so-ever he might be, no matter even if he is the Head of the State. I take initiatives into what I feel is right and is in the interest of citizens. The clarity of mind and conscious gives me more courage to take bold steps without realizing what would be the reaction. One thing more, if any good idea comes from anywhere, weather there is any person.



PAGE: How do you produce more output than other officers?

SHOAIB AHMED SIDDIQUI: For me it is very simple. The first thing which I always do at every new posting is that I activate all of my subordinates and colleagues by conveying a single line massage-- that if they don't deliver for which they are employed and paid for they are the worst people.. Consequently, only good people are left with me while others take their own way. But it also happened that in my past experience even dull people started working with enthusiasm.

PAGE: Would like to share the experience that provided you better opportunities to express what you have within you?

SHOAIB AHMED SIDDIQUI: As the Deputy Commissioner Karachi South, I had to deal with different types of people. At one hand I was dealing with the residents of Defense Housing Society (DHA), Clifton, Bath Island, and on the other side I had to attend the people from Lyari area on the other hand. I had to deal with hawkers of Empress Market while satisfying to the demanding trade and business community. To cope with a large number of newspaper offices in my jurisdiction including Karachi Press Club was one of my responsible. I had to frequently face angry and protesting people and redress their genuine grievances. I had to tackle men, women and sometime children on hunger strike too.

PAGE: Why people have negative feelings about the image of the bureaucrats?

SHOAIB AHMED SIDDIQUI: Here I would like to say only one sentence that officers or bureaucrats should respect the posts and powers delegated to them by the nation. It is self-respect which makes others to acknowledge good deed.

PAGE: What makes you satisfied and happy about yourself and what makes you unhappy?

SHOAIB AHMED SIDDIQUI: Not happy but I can say I feel satisfied that I have put all the plans and proposals on government record in my entire past carrier that were best for the interest of the country and the nation, so apart from the responsibilities and obligations given by the government my personal contribution is there but sometimes I am sad when great Ideas and proposals are not taken for implementation and execution.