July 19 - July 25, 2004  
ISSUE # 29  

Currently, the ratio of 7 cars per 1000 takes Pakistan to the bottom line as compared to the world average of 120 per thousand, 180 in Thailand, 220 in Malaysia, 250 in Korea. In India the average is 12 per 1000. We have to bridge the wide gap in the years to come. The way our auto industry has taken a kick start supported by the business friendly policies of the present government, the auto sector is being looked with the hope of assuming role of the future economic spearhead of the country.



Lately Central Depository Company (CDC) has introduced a service whereby Investor Account holders would be able to deposit their physical shares directly into their accounts. Mostly individuals are expected to benefit from the service as institutional investors hardly hold any physical securities. The only objection of individuals is that annual charges for maintaining an Investor Account are high and must be reduced.

t a recent seminar organized by the Institute of Bankers the pros and cons of universal banking were discussed. The concept may be good but it is expected to provide further strength to commercial banks, already enjoying a very dominant role in Pakistan's financial sector. The demand of NBFCs is that an even playing must be created in the country to allow them to play their due role.