June 14 - June 20, 2004  
ISSUE # 24  

In an attempt to provide better customer services many corporates have established call centers. The largest number of call centers have been established by the commercial banks. While most of these call centers are of in-house type a major breakthrough has been achieved by a company listed at Karachi Stock Exchange. The Resource Group (TRG) has recently acquired a call center in the USA, raising the total number of acquisitions to seven. Another company, ZRG, having a substantial list of call centers has also successfully completed an export order from Africa.




PIA has offered its 5 percent shares to public through Karachi Stock Exchange. This is the second time when PIA has gone for public offering its shares. In the first offer 5 percent shares were offered which were oversubscribed and this time too it is going to repeat the history. Increasing the number of share holders, would not only help PIA to consolidate its resources but it may bring transparency in various decisions taken by the management time to time. Transparency means a sense of accountability would prevail in the corporation.

Years old, heavy government taxes on petrol now have come under strong criticism by the economists, industrial circles as well as general public. Over 125 percent government levies have forced retail petrol rates at Rs. 37.02 while its ex-refinery rate per liter is only Rs. 16; while the HOBC with the ex-refinery rates of 16.50 per liter is being sold at a retail price of Rs. 40.97 per litre.