Author: Prof. Dr. Khawaja Amjad Saeed, M.Com; L.Lb (Punjab), MBA (Beirut), Ph.D (USA), FCMA, FCA, Principal, Hailey College of Banking & Finance University of the Punjab, Lahore. Email:, Published: Institute of Business Management, GPO Box 1164, Lahore. Price: Rs. 180
May 29 - June 06, 2004





Prof. Dr. Khawaja Amjad Saeed has been serving the reading community at home and abroad through various activities which have culminated as synergistic and integrative. His practical experience extends to 46 years (07) years in corporate world and 39 years in teaching management development consulting research community and national development). He deserves special appreciation for the glorious services rendered by him in accelerating human resource development at home and abroad. As a gifted scholar he has served the readers by contributing thirty books in various areas of commerce. Management, Management, Economy of Pakistan, Accountancy, Mercantile and Income Tax Laws, Auditing, Managerial Policies, Mercantile cases, Marketing cases, Regional Management cases and kindred fields. His work interaction extends to over 100 countries of the world.

His latest book is "Company law and secretarial practice" spread over nineteen (19) Chapters. Major aspects covered include:

Introduction, Promotion and incorporation of a company, Preparation of Prospectus, Allotment, Management of Companies, Meetings and Resolutions. Preparation of Animal Accounts, The auditor of a Limited Company, Divisible Profit and the Auditor, Exercise of borrowing power, Foreign companies, Winding up, Registration fees for companies, Professional ethics, Arbitration, Arrangement and reconstruction, Non-Banking finance companies, The companies (general provisions and forms) Rules 1985 and secretarial practice.

Special features of the book include various forms, rules, regulations, circulars, formats etc. And in particular cover the following aspects:

1. Powers and functions of SECP.

2. Table B (Memorandum of Association of Company Limited by Shares).

Table C (Memorandum and Articles of Association of a Company Limited by Guarantee and not having a Share Capital).

Table D (Memorandum and Articles of Association of a Company Limited by Guarantee and having a Share Capital).

Table E (Memorandum and Articles of Association of an Unlimited Company having a Share Capital).

3. First Schedule Table A (Regulations for Management of a Company Limited by Shares).

4. Part I: Matters to be stated and reports to be set out therein.

5. Part II: Form of Statement in lieu of prospectus to be delivered to Registrar by a Company which does not issue a Prospectus does not go to allotment on a prospectus issued and Reports to be set out therein.

6. Part: Matters to be specified in Prospectus and Reports to be set out therein.

7. Part III: Form of Statement in lieu of prospectus to be delivered to Registrar by a Private Company on becoming a Public Company and Reports to be set out therein.

8. Part I: Material information about the affairs of the Company.

9. Part II: Necessity for the Issue.

10. Form A: Annual Return of Company having share capital.

11. Form B: Annual Return of Company not having share capital.

12. Form I: Matters to be specified in the Advertisement.

13. Form II: Return of Deposits with Companies other than a Banking Companies as on the December 31.



14. Part X: Prevention of Oppression and Management.

15. The Companies (Management by Administration) Rules, 1993.

16. The Companies (Rehabilitation of Sick Industrial Units) Rules, 1999.

17. Specimen of Notices: Notice of Annual General Meeting.

18. Notices of Extraordinary General Meeting.

19. International Accounting Standards applicable in Pakistan.

20. Fourth Schedule: Requirements as to Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account of Listed Companies.

21. Fifth Schedule: Requirements is to Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account of non-listed Companies.

22. Sixth Schedule: Table of Fees to be Paid to the Registrar and the Commission.

23. Code of Professional Ethics Part A: Ethics Applicable to all Professional Accountants. Part B: Application to Professional Accountants in Public Practice.

24. Code of Ethics for Chartered Accountants.

25. Code of Corporate Governance relating to Board of Directors.

Corporate Sector has grown in Pakistan with passage of time. Our capital market has developed. Money markets have matured. Secondary markets are steadily growing Code of Corporate Governance stands prescribed. Stock Exchanges are being well managed. Regulatory Agencies in general and Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan in particular have been playing useful and productive role in developing a sound framework for healthy growth of corporate sector in Pakistan. In this backdrop the above book authored by Prof. Dr. Khawaja Amjad Saeed former Pro Vice Chancellor and Founder Director of the Institute of Business Administration University of the Punjab, Lahore will serve diverse reading community, business executives, corporate lawyers, judges of High and Supreme Courts, auditors company secretaries, students pursuing courses of Chartered Accountants, Cost and Management Accountants, Business Administration, Commerce and Public Administration will considerably benefit from it.

The author deserves congratulations for his excellent effort. It is hoped that will continue his work with dedication, commitment and sincerity. His noble effort is well appreciated and readers are urged to study the book and be beneficiaries.