A determination to face the challenges of third millennium

May 10 - 16, 2004





BIZTEK believes in pursing excellence by observing ethical standard of best educational practice and international trends in business and information technology. The recent convergence of computing with telecommunication, broadcasting and publishing provides window of opportunity that is beyond imagination. We have world vision to build a foundation in new skills learning and adaptability to indigenous environment. We also appreciate the need to harness the benefits of our cultural diversity into the melting pot of global thought process, and most importantly the development of creative thinking, which would enable our students to work in corporate business, effectively and efficiently.

Our teaching programmes are very versatile in scope and nature, and in developing mental attitude of understanding about the intricacies of liberal arts, social and application sciences. BIZTEK is preliminary a high end teaching institution and has to constantly upgrade the professional expertise. The involvement of private sector initiatives in human resource development is becoming an encouraging factor for a board-based technological growth in Pakistan. This will ultimately have soothing effects on sociological conditions, in the absence of which we are experience a state of continuous decline and degradation of political and economic mndition. The good economic social and political factors are urgently needed for improvement in the quality of life in Pakistan. BIZTEK teaching programmes aimed to expose our students toward effective and productive professional training.

We hope to assist in developing a conducive, socially desirable, economically visible and sustainable base for technological growth in Pakistan, and to face the challenges of global market demand. We aim to create an effective training plafform for our hardworking youth, and giving them a sense of direction. We also intend to assist commercial, industrial and financial enterprises who with their existing facilities cannot cope with the workload. In this direction we are planning to run customized programmes to assist entrepreneurs in meeting their clients need without making additional capital expenditure on purchase of new software's or hiring additional staff. Our facilities are time efficient using state-of-art technology and are suitable for small and medium businesses at affordable cost.

Information technology has assumed unparallel importance in economic arena for ensuring growth of commerce and industry as the principal facilitator. IT industry requires a world-class infrastructure. The software development, both system and application, is a high growth industry and forms a major segment of vast IT market. It is high time that we initiate determined steps to develop and promote the use of IT in Pakistan to increase efficiency and productivity not only in commercial, financial, institution but in social and political governance as well.

If we examine very closely the social dynamics of Pakistan, we see that our persistent failure is not solely due to political anarchy, but the deep-rooted cause is our education systern. Poor performance of our public sector educational institutions from the lowest to the highest is being manifested in every facet of our national life with adverse result. Presently most of the public sector institutions are producing manpower that has no relevance to our present day needs. How disappointing is the fact that during British rule in the sub-continent the government managed schools and colleges were able to produce manpower to satisfy the design of imperials power, but since independence we are producing manpower which is showing gradual decadence in the quality even to manage clerical routine work.



The highest education institutions are the fountain sources of human resource generation and these are getting dried up of the creativity fluid, which is so desperately needed for progress and development. In spite of all our lip service and rhetorics to improve educational standards by arranging conferences, seminars, workshops, and brain storming sessions, special newspaper editions and live telecast on electronic media, the state of affairs in not improving. In spite of 500-fold increase in quantity, the quality of education is decreasing.

Genius abounds in Pakistan generally people are hardworking, strong and brave. Such a combination is very rare in the contemporary world. Pakistanis working in advance courtries have prove their mettle with singular distinction. What a paradox, we as individuals are mostly very good, but as a group or community our performance does not envy other nations, specially the developed ones. Pakistanis who have won laurels in advance countries were unable to maintain their distinctive performance back home. Persons running in top gears in foreign lands are forced into reverse gear in Pakistan. This is a food for thought for persons saddled in high positions in the govemment.

The 21st century will be a period of uncertainty. Futuristic predictions envisage that businesses organizations in 2020 will be flat horizontal, small knowledge based networked, virtual, global and learning system. Employees working in these organizations are encouraged to be empowered, team based, customer focused, leadership driven and maximally value-added. The environments within which these organizations are supposed to operate are considered to be chaotic and uncertain, with presumers taking the shape of producer and consumers. Time to market the products and services will approach zero, and the delivery time of the products and services will be compressed to the extent of being eliminated totally.

It is hard to dispute any of these visionary predictions. In our lifetime the political economic, social and technological driving forces are interacting with intense dynamism. We are rapidly switching towards the age of the information economy. It is also envisioned that the 21st century will be the century of the Lifestyle Economy, where the preoccupation of the government, business and the civil society will be centered on the lifestyle of the people. In order to face these future challenges BIZTEK has completed his homework. We have designed teaching programmes, which keep our students abreast with fast changing dynamics in business techniques and technological innovations.