Apr 26 - May 09, 2004  
ISSUE # 17 & 18  

Hopefully, the budget makers would pay more attention for improving infrastructure facilities, reasonable utility prices and a bridled bureaucracy and above all improved law and order situation to ensure sustainable growth. Improved political ties with neighboring India have also started producing positive results. Peace and Harmony is the fundamental requirement for economic growth, this should be treated as a national priority by taking all political forces into confidence on this issue. People of this country are tired of the empty slogan. They need real solution of problems in their daily life. They want to get rid of hunger, disease, ignorance.




Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has awarded licenses for the establishment of two mobile phone companies. The amount offered by the interested parties may be much above the expectations but the most important factor to be watched is the response of existing players. In order to survive they will have to improve not only the quality of service but also bring down the tariff.





An impressive presentation about the success story of Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) and its promising future was given by KSE chairman, Arif Habib before a select gathering of diplomats, representatives of foreign investors in Islamabad on Thursday last. Chiefs of Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchange were also present besides the chairman and seniors officials of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) on the occasion which kicked off the process of attracting foreign investors. Mr. Arif Habib envisioned a bright future for the capital market in Pakistan on the basis of continued real growth in corporate earnings, privatization, low interest rates, increase in development expenditure and Pakistan being a part of international community after recent floatation of euro bonds.