As the Colleague reporting to a leader should be allowed to express their opinion and should be encouraged to take calculated risks/pressure/decisions

Apr 19 - 25, 2004





This is established fact since centuries that leadership plays a key role in the success of any organization but with time the requirements of a successful leader are also changing.

If we recollect how we as children behaved or were treated by our parents 3-4 decades ago there was Command and obey relationship, there was no room for discussion in our society. But now our children are like Friends they discuss, give opinion and do not blindly follow what we as parents say. Most of today's parents accept this and even our elders say this relationship of parents and children's is better than of past.

This change in family environment teaches us to change the definition of leader in business environment too. Their should be consultation, delegation and monitoring by the leader.

As the Colleague reporting to a leader should be allowed to express their opinion and should be encouraged to take calculated risks/pressure/decisions.

Today's successful leader should have following:

KNOWLEDGE: what he is doing should know as today's colleagues are in a habit of asking questions. Knowledge of work, rules, demography of the market , changes in business with time in different situations. Only a Knowledgeable Leader can be a good teacher of team, as each and every member contributes in the success of any business/project.

PRACTICE: what he preaches as today's colleagues will ask questions or not close their eyes like the past children. What ever we say will not have the desired impact unless we practice this honestly. Why only some great cricketers are considered to be leaders as they showed with their performance how to put your best in the game.

TRUTH: should be a basic ingredient of a leader. This ensures trust, facilitates open communcation of ideas, issues and options among the team to achieve success. A leader who lies can never have the confidence/support of team members and is counter productive for business and the individuals. I think a lier can never be a leader.

RESPECT: for the self and others makes the working environment more productive/innovative.

SHOULD BE GOOD LISTENER: this seems not to be important but very important for a leader.

SHARE: the credit of success with Team and in case of failure should own it instead of passing on to juniors.

A Leader should have the capability to know his people's strengths and weakness to maximize their productivity and improve their weak areas just like one will do for his own children.

This approach may sound Soft for some but in the long run for the business to grow in numbers, repute, quality, profitability a winner team with a Leader is essential.

Numbers have their own importance, people have their own but it is the People with Human Qualities/numbers which make the business grow.

Current business decade is the era of mergers/acquisition which seems to be ignoring the importance of individual/person and thinking/calculating in terms of Numbers only. I think in few years time the big business will go for de merging the business. As in the current only numbers game business will be affected and profits will decline after few years. Philip Kotler (marketing guru) says that out of four P's of marketing its only the people who make the difference. A combination of above mentioned qualities will make a Leader and to be great leader one needs to be perfact to these skills/attributes.



The writer is Head of Bio Tech Products, Roche Pakistan Limited