Apr 19 - 25, 2004





The Pakistan Academy of Sciences awarded Dr. Syed Manzoor Alam, the "PAS/INFAQ Foundation Joint Award of Gold Medal (2002)" in the field of Agriculture in recognition of his outstanding research work. The award was announced on 7th November 2003. Dr. Syed Manzoor Alam, Ex Chief Scientific Officer/Head Plant Physiology Division, Nuclear Institute of Agriculture, (NIA) Tandojam is a Doctor of Philosophy in Botany (1996). The titled of his thesis was "Allelopathic effects of weeds on the growth and development of wheat and rice under saline condition". Recipient of First Prize of Rs.25,000 and a "Commendation Certificate" in recognition of his scientific research work in the field of Agricultural Sciences from the National Bank Council of Pakistan, Ministry of Education, Govt. of Pakistan (1991). Recipient of Men of the Year 1998 and 2000-Millenium Honor Award from American Biographical Institute, North Carolina, USA (1999).

On the occasion of PAEC Day-2000 in connection with Youm-e-Takbeer on 28th May, 1998; the Chairman PAEC awarded him a Gold Medal for his meritorious services in Agricultural Sciences in the country. The South Asia Publications based at Karachi declared him Star Laureate 2002 and awarded him (i) A Gold-Plated Badge/Lapel Pin with the Inscription "XIII Star Award 2002, South Asia Publications, Recipient, (ii) A Gold-Plated Trophy, (iii) An enduring Profile Book titled "125 Distinguished Men and Women: Leaders of the New Millenium", (iv) A Certificate of Excellence.

Dr. Syed Manzoor Alam was born in January 1944 in District Arrah, Behar, India. He did his Matric from Nawabpur, Govt. High School Dhaka in 1958, and F.Sc. from Govt. College Dhaka in 1960. He did his B.Sc. from the University of Dhaka in 1962 and two years later, he obtained his M.Sc. degree in Soil Science from the same University securing first position. During M.Sc., he submitted a thesis entitled "Study of the interactions of iron and manganese and their effects on the uptake of phosphorus in rice plant by radioisotope technique". He joined PAEC at Atomic Energy Centre (AEC), Dhaka as Assistant Scientific Officer on 3rd April 1965. He worked as Research Associate for seven years (1965-71) in four different IAEA/PAEC/FAO Coordinated Research Projects and other ongoing projects of PAEC on the Application of Radioisotopes and Radiation in Rice Cultivation at Atomic Energy Centre, Dhaka (Former East Pakistan).

On being transferred from AEC, Dhaka, he joined Atomic Energy Agriculture Research Centre (AEARC), Tandojam in April 1971. He worked there on different research projects. In 1974, he went abroad and did his Diploma and M.Sc. in Agricultural Sciences from the University College Wales, UK in 1975 and 1976, respectively. The title of his M.Sc. thesis was "Aluminium toxicity in barley and oats".

Dr. Alam's research works carried out at Nuclear Institute of Agriculture (NIA), Tandojam from 1971 in the field of Plant Nutrition especially Micro-nutrients, Salinity, Brackish water, Growth regulators and Incorporation of crop and weed residues have contributed to the basic understanding of the subject. The findings of these research works have resulted in the Publications of more than 490 research papers and popular articles in National and International Journals and Magazines of repute.

His involvement in Hydroponic work using Saline Brackish Water with gravel and fine and from Tar desert of Sindh has proved that different vegetable crops like tomato, cucumber (kakri), chilli, cauliflower, beans, etc. can be grown successfully in barren desert areas of the country using low quality water. His work using Growth Regulator, Inorganic chemicals, Salicylic acid and Acetyl salicylic acid demonstrated that fruit drop in mango and flower drop in chilli pods, tomato and cotton can be substantially reduced resulting in significant increase in the yield and subsequent studies with cobalt, silver ions and naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA) almost doubled the fruit yields of Sindhri, Langra and Dasehri, the elite mango varieties by aqueous sprays. This technique has been perfected and is gaining popularity among the orchard owners of the region.

He has more than 38 years of professional experience, and actively engaged in research activities in Plant Physiology Laboratory, NIA, Tandojam, Sindh. His professional training includes (a) Nuclear Orientation Course on the use of radioisotopes technique in the field of Agriculture, Medicine and Industry conducted AEC, Dhaka, August-September, 1965, (b) One Year Nuclear Orientation Training Course on Nuclear Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Statistics and Agric. Subjects organized by PAEC at AEC, Dhaka from October 1969 to September 1970, (c) National Training Workshop on Fertilizer Research Programme organized by NFDC/FAO held at Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam, January 23-26, 1983; Instrument Training Course on Technician Near Infra-Red Reflectance Analyzer-450 (NIRA) in Singapore, 1986.



Dr. Alam has been members of various professional scientific varieties (a) PAAS, Lahore (1967-89), (b) Pakistan Botanical Society (1972-92), (c) Pahstan Weed Science Society (1989), (d) Agriculturists, Breeders and Botanists Club (1990-91), (e) Nematological Society of Pakistan (1993-95). As an International recognition, Dr. Alam has contributed five chapters for Handbook of Plant and Crop Stress Edited by Dr. M. Pessarakli, Department of Soil and Water, University of Arizona, USA. One chapter Nutrient uptake by plant under stress condition published by Marcel Dekker, New York in 1994 and four chapters on different topics published in 1999 by the same publisher.

In recognition of his Commendable Services in his respective disciplines, Dr. Alam has received many professional awards (from International Biographical Institute, North Carolina, USA):

i) Nominated as a member of the Leading Intellectuals of the World-1998.
ii) Listed in the International Directory of Distinguished Leadership-1998.
iii) Nomination for International Who's Who of Twentieth century Achievement-1998.
iv) Nominated for five hundred leaders of Influence-1998.
v) Nominated as a member of Leading Intellectuals of the world-1998.
vi) Nominated as a member ABI's Research Board of Advisors-1999.
vii) Nominated for Who's Who of the year-1999.

And British Award from International Biographical Centre (IBC)

i) Selected for inclusion of name in the Dictionary of International Biography, IBC, U.K., 27th Edition-1998.
ii) Nominated for the Twentieth Century Award for Achievement by IBC, U.K. 1999.
iii) Nominated for Outstanding People of the 20th Century-IBC, UK 1999.
iv) Nominated for International Man of the Millenium by IBC, IBC, UK 1999.

As a subject Expert and Referee, he reviewed and evaluated research papers and projects at National and International levels. His research papers have been published in most leading Journals and countries of USA, France, Japan, Poland, Hungary, Australia, Austria, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Syria, Philippines, Bangladesh and Pakistan.