By Syed M. Aslam
Mar 22 - 28, 2003





*** "YOU CAN'T BOMB a people just in case they pose a perceived threat. You can't organize a war on the basis of lies."

(Spain's prime minister-elect Luis Rodriguez Zapatero vowing to pull-out 1,300 troops from Iraq. The near-total public opposition to Iraq war ousted Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar's governing conservatives out of the office)

*** "MY WEDDING DAY, I think that was the worst day of my life."

(Late Princess Diana's sad reminiscence of her 1981 marriage to Prince Charles on audiotapes aired for the first time on NBC television network US)

*** "RUBBISH IS my art medium ... I want to inject some money into this desperately poor segment of society."

(US artist Ann Wizer, a Jakarta resident famous for fashioning sculptures from rubbish, introducing chic bags from recycled plastics aimed at creating jobs for the slum dwellers whose main income comes from rubbish collection)

*** "WE DON'T DO the same job, we are not colleagues. You do a job that is useful to the economy, but I'm no street hawker, my job is to govern the country. I am immortal."

(Italy's billionaire premier, Silviop Berlusconi who markets himself as a self-made man, refusing to answer a question from a stall holder who called him a "colleague" during a live radio chat show)

*** "THERE IS NOT a question of sanctions; there will be sanctions and there will be very firm sanctions very soon."

(US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage announcing that the US would soon be imposing new sanctions against Syria for being "a state sponsor of terrorism")

*** "GUJRAT CANNOT and will not happen again."



(Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, whose nationalist party BJP was accused of turning a blind eye to 2000 Muslim pogrom in the state of Gujrat, vowing that similar bloodshed will not happen again ahead of national elections starting April 20)

*** "I WILL LISTEN to Mr Bush but my position is very clear and very firm. The occupation (of Iraq) is a fiasco."

(Spain's prime minister-elect Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapaerato rejecting an appeal by US President George Bush to not to pull Spanish troops from Iraq)

*** "THE UNITED STATES is in this for the long haul. They (the Afghans) don't have to hope we will be here. We will be here."

(US Secretary of State Colin Powell assuring Afghan President Hamid Karzai that "the US has come to stay" in Afghanistan during a meeting in Kabul)

*** "I CAN'T HELP it if they are unhappy. I have a job to do."

(Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi's responding to a question if he fear a backlash from some politicians in his UMNO party for his crackdown on corruption)

*** "IN A WORLD where weapons of mass destruction are still to be eliminated, nuclear weapons are sadly the ultimate guarantor of a nation's security."

(Indian Foreign Minister Yashwant Sinha asking that his country be accepted as a nuclear power saying that New Delhi became a "reluctant nuclear power" because of the world's "imperfect non-proliferation order")

*** "ALL THE HYPOCRITES who cry anti-Semitism every time that one criticise Israeli policies feed the impression that Jews really build a mighty, blind, irrational pressure group."

(Roger Salamon, a French Jew professor at the medical faculty of University of Bordeaux, defending French stand-up comedian Dieudonni's right to his artistic expression. Dieudonni's sketch of an extremist Rabbi dressed in military uniform exhorting poor suburban French youths "to join the American-Zionist axis" have drawn heavy fire from Jewish groups)

*** "I THINK they had a set mind. Like the former days of the witch hunt, they are convinced that they exists, and if you see a black cat, well, that's evidence of the witch."

(Former UN weapons inspector Hans Blix saying that US President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair had lost credibility because Iraq had no WMDs, the primary pretext used for the Iraq war)