Mar 22 - 28, 2004  
ISSUE # 12  

At present, the commercial air traffic in Pakistan is shared by three airlines the state-owned PIA and private Shaheen Air International and Aero Asia. The bulk of the domestic commercial traffic is dominated by the PIA a portion of which is also shared by the two other private airlines, both of which are also operating international flights on a number of routes in the Gulf. With the induction of two new private airlines soon, the competition is going to heat up for the benefit of travelers, or at least that is expected.



After the decision of the federal cabinet of rejecting the imported Australian wheat, PASSCO has officially and formally informed the importers about the cancellation of the tenders won by the Tradesman International, a Karachi-based company which had won the contract for importing 0.150 million tons of wheat from Australia. The wheat shipment was rejected on the basis of test reports which confirmed that the wheat carries "kernel bunt" fungus which is obviously unfit for human consumption.


The formation of 12-member committee to review impediments affecting fresh investment in fertilizer sector can only be termed an effort to reinvent the wheel. Policy planners know very well that fresh investment in the sector is directly dependent of guarantees regarding feedstock price. Is the ground being prepared for the entry of a new player?