Mar 08 - 14, 2004  
ISSUE # 10  

Heavy dependence on costly fuel oil for thermal generation has pushed the costs of power generation to unaffordable levels in Pakistan. In addition, the hydro generation remains highly uncertain depending on levels at the water reservoir. The power mix, thus, not only tilts heavy in favour of costly thermal generation thereby resulting in uneconomic retail tariffs for the industrial, commercial and household consumers. PAGE highlights the need for developing inexpensive alternate energy resources to help meet the growing power demand far exceeding the global growth rate.




The textile exports are likely to hit the mark of $8 billion at the end of the current financial year in June this year. For the first time, the textile industry managed to break the psychological barrier by adding around $2 billion dollars in the year 2002-03 by reaching around $7 billion. Although some quarters have expressed concerns that the industry may not be able to retain its last years performance because of reported increase in cotton and cotton yarn prices.




H. E. Aqeel Al-Jassem, Secretary General of the Chamber is considered the key propagator of concept of Islamic Common Market. In the exclusive interview he talks about the need for formation of such a market. His message was, " These words now need to be matched by result-oriented actions".