Super Highway is likely to become the center of attraction


Mar 01 - 07, 2004





Nooriabad Industrial Estate, despite ideally located on the right and left bank of super highway, the main trunk road between Karachi and Hyderabad, failed to achieve the desired level of industrial development during past two decades.

It become a neglected or deserted area as most of the investors left after closing down their units mainly due to rampant corruption, extremely bad law and order situation and other crimes including kidnapping for ransom. The investors were left at the mercy of the dacoits. Obviously, the investors had no choice but to leave the area. Some of the units however managed to survive and continued to operations of their units.

It was the fear of kidnapping and hold ups in broad day light that forced the investors to pull the shutters down of their industrial units in the past. The octroi people also looted the investors with both hands. They were free to extort on the pretext of levying octroi tax at their whims on the raw material as well as finished goods coming in or going out of the industrial area. All these ills have made Nooriabad what it is today, even after two decades.

Had this area allowed developing, the actual beneficiaries could be the local people because of the economic development of Nooriabad which ultimately helped social and economic development of the country.

The situation, however, seems taking a positive change. The government is taking special interest to restore the confidence of the investors by bringing stability in the area. Day and night patrolling of the highway police gives a sense of security to the commuters. The confidence of the investors is reflected in surfacing of prestigious resorts, road side motels, and other places of recreations attracting visitors from Karachi as well as from Hyderabad.

Senate Chairman Mohammadmian Soomro had recently laid foundation stone of the Rice Export Free Zone being set up by the Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) in Nooriabad which would sure to help enhancing pace of development in that area.

Speaking on the occasion, Senate Chairman said that government attaches great expectations with Nooriabad estate, which has received considerable investment recently due to improved law and order situation in the country.

About 42 industrial units are operating in the estate while 34 units including 8 textile mills are under construction. Soomro said that the growth of industries would create job opportunities and eliminate un-employment, which is the biggest problem faced by the province.

He said that Nooriabad provides best infrastructure facilities to industrialists. The estate has received gas after 20 years and a new water pipeline is being laid to supply water from Kinjhar Lake.

Close proximity of Nooriabad to Port Qasim is an added advantage to the exporters.

REAP Chairman Rahim Janoo thanked chairman senate for taking interest in setting up rice export zone at Nooriabad and requested the government to name the road leading to the zone as Mohammadmian Soomro Avenue. The senate chairman later lay downs the foundation of Mustafa Mosque. The REAP chairman also announced to set up a school for children of the area.



Under the revival program of Nooriabad, the government has decided to allocate 3,000 acres more land for Nooriabad industrial estate for setting up new industrial units.

As a result of government efforts, this area has started attracting the local and foreign investors to set up their units in Nooriabad which is now fully developed with all necessary facilities. Recently, a gas pipeline was laid to supply natural gas to the manufacturing units. Nooriabad gas project involves 23 km long transmission pipeline and a distribution network of 10.2 km, costing Rs256 million.

A plan to connect Nooriabad industrial estate with the Port Qasim is also under study of the government, which would be an added advantage to the export oriented industries in Nooriabad. Reasonable funds have also been allocated for Nooriabad water supply projects, and hopefully the industrial estate would soon be provided a proper water supply system.

Dr. Ishrat ul Ibad, the Governor of Sindh who recently visited Nooriabad Industrial Estate said that gas facility had already been provided to industrialists and provision of water, improvement of infrastructure and health and education facilities would also be provided on war footings.

Dr. Ibad said that water supply pipeline was being laid at a cost of Rs30 million and added that another pipeline would also be laid from Kinjhar Lake to meet the future requirements of the industrial estate.

Sindh government was determined to provide all facilities including financial and technical to encourage investment and root out unemployment from the society, he pledged. Timely steps to improve law and order situation had restored the confidence of the investors, which was evident from the fact that all the plots available at Nooriabad site had been sold out for industrial purposes.